Suppose you are a new blogger and you do not get many readers; it means you have to work on many things. This happens at the start often. If you can’t get many readers, it means there is a problem with your content or SEO.

Content problems can only be solved by working hard and creating your own. But the problem of SEO can be solved by doing guest posting. It will boost your SEO within days.

What is guest posting?

Writing or blogging for some other website is referred to be Guest Posting or Guest Blogging.

To be more precise, go in writers says,

“Guest posting means writing and publishing an article on someone else’s website or blog”

Why is guest posting effective for SEO?

Guest posting is necessary for effective SEO as it helps you in:

  • Getting more traffic
  • Being able to get in front of a diverse and large audience
  • Boosting your SEO and Domain Authority (DA)

There is an effective strategy for beginners or low traffic sites: if you can’t beat them, join them. In the start, no one can beat the seniors of that field. To join them is easier than competing with them.

Moreover, it helps you establish more credibility and authority by uploading valuable content on a worthy website. Once you have provided valuable content, the readers are never going to leave you.

Guest posting is also effective as it helps you get backlinks. Backlinks provide you with SEO ranking. Plus, if your blog is on a reputed website, it will rank high in search engines. But, if your guest posts are on a low-traffic website, you will not get any rank in search engines.

Tips for Effective Guest Posting for better SEO

But if you want sticky readers and constant traffic, you will have to do it the right way. To perform this task with mastery, follow these steps:

  1. Know your Audience
  2. Know the platform being used by your audience
  3. Provide quality content
  4. Build good networks and relationships

1.   Know your audience

How are you supposed to hit the target if you don’t know where to aim? Similarly, how can you get traffic if you don’t know who your audience is or for whom are you writing?

Try to configure who reads your content. Your writing must cover the interests of your respective audience. You cannot generalize things as people are different according to their intents.

You may look for old houses in Alabama or the best soccer training clubs in America. Whatever you are looking or writing for, must be inclined towards the readers and be reader-oriented. Remember one thing: “If you write for everyone, you write for no one.”

Take a while to think about who will find the best out of your articles and content. This will help you grab more audience.

2.   Determine the platform

Since you have to know about your audience’s diversity, you now need one more thing. You must know from where does your audience accesses you. Where do they hang out online? What do they want to read?

You must know your audience’s relevancy and know what they visit the most. You must know what type of content, products, or services they like to have.

Sometimes, you can just ask your audience about what they want from you. You can create questionnaires to get notified of what your audience thinks to have from you. You can go with simple questions like:

  • Favorite blog topics?
  • What news sites do you like the most?
  • What is your favorite website for educational research?

These questions will help you know the interests of your audience.

You can also use search engines to check what people look for the most. Search engines can give you the exact figures and search topics.

While you search for the hot topics, you must know about the keywords properly. Make sure that you search for the right keywords. Try to search the most common and recently searched keywords.

This will help you a lot in creating well-structured content which can help you boost your SEO.

3.   Provide Quality Content

You must provide the best quality and unique content to be praised by users. Users want original and plagiarism-free content.

The more the content is unique, the more your traffic will increase. To engage the traffic for as long as possible, the content must be catching.

Providing quality content helps you grab more audience and attention.

4.   Build good networks

Try to build networks with the pioneers and the seniors of your field. It will help you create a link with the market.

If you create a network with already working groups, it will get you backlinks. These backlinks will help you get more traffic.

When you have a link with some major websites, you may get more and more guest posting. This guest posting will become a chance for you to grab and attract traffic to your platform.

This whole is going to be too much helpful for your SEO strategies.

5.   Checking Domain Authority

Try to have a guest post on high DA PA websites. Such websites will help you gain more traffic. The higher the DA is, the more the website has traffic.

How will you check the domain authority of a website? What is the process?

It can be checked by online DA PA checker tool. Websites provide free online domain authority checkers to help SEO experts.

These tools are free of cost and uses Moz Pro API’s.

check authority

You will have the following results.

DA limit


All of these steps will make your guest posting helpful for your SEO. After doing good guest posting, you surely will see that your SEO has been boosted and ranked. When you post as a guest on a site, you get a backlink in it. The more your blog or post is read, the more you will have visitors out of that backlink.

As visitors will increase, your traffic is going to get a boost up and your domain is going to have a very good rank score. Guest posting is more or less all about ranking your domain and providing you traffic. If you go well in guest posting, you will see that the website will help you post more. This is because when you write an effective post for a website, and it starts getting views, both the sites take advantage out of that.

When some regular user a website reads your blog on that website, he gets intrigued by your writing or presentation skills and tries to follow you. To follow he visits your website directly or clicks the link provided in the content. This will give you one new user. Just like this, you can get a large number of traffic visiting your site daily for something. But this requires the best quality and fresh content to be provided regularly. After you have followed all of the steps and created an effective guest post, start posting it. After posting quality content to websites as a guest, you will have an increase in your traffic.


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