The internet is changing my friends. It’s evolving and becoming more and more personal. As we are searching online we want to have that trust and security in knowing that what we are looking for is valid as well as honest. Google has understood this for years and now has brought in a new social application into the mix of its search called Google +1. Here is a video from Google that gives you a good introduction to what this is:

Hopefully that helped you understand a little more of what +1 is all about. I’m sure that many of you who use Facebook understand exactly how this works. It’s just like the “like” button that you use when you like someone’s post. Now this is actually a part of your search in Google! It’s all about making the internet personal and this is a huge step in that direction.

So the first thing that you need to be sure of to use +1 is to be logged into your Google account. This can be your Gmail, Webmasters, or any other Google program. Now that Google knows who you are they will start gathering data from all of your friends in your email, Google +, etc and see what websites they added a “+1” to. Like in the video, if you are looking for a great chocolate chip cookie recipe, and your friend Sarah had put a “+1” next to her favorite kind then that is more than likely going to be the first result in your search.

If you then “+1” that same site it’s going to factor into all of your friend searches as well. Now this is something to consider for you as a business owner. Make sure that when customers come to your site, you have the content they are looking for, as well as a format that is easy to use. More than likely they will then “+1” you and that will increase your organic rankings exponentially! Building links and validation to your site is still going to be a major factor in your rankings for any organic search, but now we have another piece to the overall SEO puzzle.

This is still a fairly new addition Google has implemented so if you are wanting to get ahead of your competition here is the site for Google +1 which it will show you how to actually get this implemented onto your website.

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