At a glance There are no hard and fast rules to success. These 30 Utah Valley companies are unique in strategy, sales, solutions and superstars. But they share one thing in common: growth gone wild. Want to get to know them? Think fast.

NO. 1 Freshly Picked

Three-Year Growth 2,745% 2014 Revenue $5.4 million CityProvo Founded 2009 Employees 12 Industry Fashion/retail Website FounderSusan Petersen, 36

The Company A designer and manufacturer of baby moccasins, kids’ apparel, accessories and carryalls.

Notables and Quotables

1. Freshly Picked — and its legions of leather-footed babes — are continually stepping into the spotlight. The moccs have been featured on everything from “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” to the cover of US Weekly.
2. Social media has been a #gamechanger for the Provo company. It has nearly 500,000 followers on Instagram, and 10 percent of those followers purchase moccs. Out of all customers who’ve made a purchase, 50 percent buy moccs three more times. “We’ve planned every moment of our marketing,” Petersen says. “Nothing is posted on a whim.”
3. In 2014, Petersen appeared on “Shark Tank” and scored a deal with shark Daymond John. That funding later fell through, but she happily walked away with a world-class introduction that had serious bite.
4. Freshly Picked has since branched out into other areas of fashion — kids’ apparel, accessories, baby bundles and more. Its baby moccs are sold in its online boutique and at Nordstrom stores across the country.
5. Petersen now travels all over the U.S. talking moccs and motivations in business.

NO. 2 Jane

Three-Year Growth 1,025% 2014 Revenue $58.5 million City Lehi Founded 2011 Employees 54Industry eCommerce Website Founder Mike McEwan, 37

The Company An online boutique marketplace featuring women’s fashion, home decor and children’s clothing.

Notables and Quotables

1. A former UV50 Startup to Watch in 2013 (nailed it), Jane boasts 100-plus deals a day. The company works with notable online and brick and mortar boutiques, and has more than 106,000 followers on Instagram and 500,000 likes on Facebook.
2. “Focus on what you’re best at and BE the best at it,” McEwan says. “Don’t take shortcuts. You’ll end up with thistles in your socks … and those hurt.”
3. Many of the company’s employees are part-time, stay-at-home moms. “We’re completely flexible with their hours, and they provide invaluable service to our team.”
4. The company built new offices in Lehi last year to accommodate the growth — and it has already outgrown the new digs. A new office in Lehi is currently being built.
5. “We’ve grown because of our compassion. We’re compassionate to our employees, sellers and customers.”

NO. 3 SkyRocket Media

Three-Year Growth 565% 2014 Revenue $11.2 million City Pleasant Grove Founded2009 Employees 30 Industry Technology/marketing Website FoundersPaul Adams, 33; Jeff Grover, 36; Landon Taylor, 31

The Company A customer acquisition company.


This year marks the first time our No. 1 Fastest-Growing Company is a woman-owned business. Plus, Freshly Picked’s growth percentage is the highest we’ve ever had. Way to make UV50 history, Freshly Picked. Twice!

Notables and Quotables

1. The company’s online properties span hundreds of industry categories and provide significant customer acquisition streams for small, mid-size and Fortune 500 companies.
2. SkyRocket Media had more than 10 million visits in 2014 and nearly 1,500 organic rankings.
3. The company’s core values are: “Be good. Create Value.” “Out think. Out do.” “Keep your eye on the why.”
4. The company’s got guts: “We turned down $1 million from a business because it conflicted with our core values,” Adams says.
5. “We chase value, not profit. We set high standards and believe in loyalty to systems and processes.”

NO. 4 Platinum Payment Systems

Three-Year Growth 313% 2014 Revenue $3 million City Spanish Fork Founded 2003Employees 12 Industry Payment processing
Website President of Operations Marc Roberts, 34

The Company A provider of scalable payment solutions all through a single point of integration.

Notables and Quotables

1. The company offers payment processing, integrated payments, electronic checks and chargeback protection.
2. “My advice? Make sure your business model can easily scale,” Roberts says.
3. “We’ve grown because of our relationships, follow-through and going the extra mile.”
4. “Most rewarding moment? Receiving a self-created testimonial video from one of our top customers.”
5. “We once had a bird get trapped in our ceiling and walls for a week.”

NO. 5 Alterra

Three-Year Growth 285% 2014 Revenue $44.7 million City Provo Founded 2012 Employees1,200 Industry Environmental services Website Founder David Royce, 39

The Company A pest control service.

Notables and Quotables

1. A UV50 Startup to Watch last year (we repeat … nailed it!), Alterra is North America’s fastest-growing pest control service.
2. The company specializes in environmentally responsible products and has expanded into more than 1,100 cities with 300,000 customers.
3. Alterra’s culture is akin to Silicon Valley. “Most people mistake us for a tech startup,” Royce says. “People are surprised to discover we provide pest control services and they appreciate our efforts to create a fun organization that goes the extra mile (even if we didn’t all attend Stanford).”
4. Aloha, Alterra! The company takes its top sales people to a different Hawaiian island every year.
5. As CEO, Royce pledged to take a $1 annual salary during Alterra’s first five years of business.

NO. 6 Boostability

Three-Year Growth 279% 2014 Revenue $36.3 million City Lehi Founded 2009 Employees465 Industry Online marketing Website Founders Rick Horsley, 43; Travis Thorpe, 47; Jared Turner, 37

The Company A provider of digital marketing services, including SEO, local search, website creation and more.

Notables and Quotables

1. A former No. 1 and No. 2 UV50 Fastest-Growing Company, Boostability is still soaring with more than 17,000 customers.
2. Boostability serves both small- and medium-sized businesses and has developed proprietary SEO software technology to drive high client value and large customer management.
3. The management team has more than 40 years of combined experience in the Internet marketing space.
4. The company now has three office locations all in Utah Valley — Lehi, Orem and Lindon.
5. “Our summer party had almost 2,000 people,” Thorpe says. “We are responsible for a lot of families. It’s rewarding.”

NO. 7 eLearning Brothers

Three-Year Growth 273% 2014 Revenue $3.4 million City American Fork Founded 2009Employees 69 Industry eLearning Website Founders Andrew Scivally, 38; Shawn Scivally, 36

The Company The iStockPhoto of eLearning, it has the largest library of eLearning games, templates, quizzes, interactions, layouts, skins and scenarios.

Notables and Quotables

1. eLearning Brothers was UV50’s No. 1 Fastest-Growing Company last year.
2. The company’s library has 40,000-plus eLearning cutouts, games and interactions as well as more than 1 million stock images.
3. Clients include Adobe, Canon, RC Willey and Chick-fil-A.
4. In August 2015, eLearning Brothers was integrated into the new Adobe Captivate 9 eLearning authoring software. The integration gives Captivate 9 developers instant access to more than 25,000 templates directly within the software.
5. The company really was founded by two brothers. And every employee is inducted as an honorary “brother” and “sister.” They wear orange, they ninja jump with clients, and they “slow clap” to celebrate company sales. (Oh, brother.)

NO. 8 Davies Development

Three-Year Growth 272% 2014 Revenue $13 million City Lehi Founded 1971 Employees 10 Industry Construction Website FounderSteve Davies

The Company A custom home builder.

Notables and Quotables

1. Davies Development has been around more than 40 years and serves Utah, Salt Lake, Weber/Davis, St. George and other counties across Utah.
2. It builds both residential and commercial developments.
3. The company is known for on-schedule completion, exceeding expectations, attention to detail, zero tolerance of safety hazards, and integrity.
4. The company builds in both modern and traditional styles.
5. Davies Development participated in the 2015 Parade of Homes.

NO. 9 Partner Fusion

Three-Year Growth 256% 2014 Revenue $46.2 million CityLehi Founded 2007 Employees 56 Industry Technology/marketing Website FoundersRyan Williams, 40; Ryan McCoy, 39

The Company A marketing and technology incubator to help startup teams create sustainable businesses from innovative ideas.

Notables and Quotables

1. Partner Fusion has prototyped and tested dozens of ideas and formed and operated several companies in various markets. “Success is driven through our proprietary technology platform, expert data science, and comprehensive search and marketing strategies,” Williams says.
2. Partner Fusion has offices and operations in nine countries around the world, and portfolio companies include TravelPASS Group, Ticket Counter and PageLaunch.
3. “We manage toward return on investment — not on a budget. We measure performance and return in everything we do. If an idea is successful, we try to grow and expand that idea as efficiently as we can.”
4. “Don’t borrow money too early. Focus on growing revenue before fundraising.”
5. The company has “Nacho Fridays” and foosball tournaments on the regular.

NO. 10 Baby Bling

Three-Year Growth 237% 2014 Revenue $655,132 City Pleasant Grove Founded 2005 Employees Industry Fashion/retail Founders Summer Zenger Harris, 36; Debbie Zenger

The Company A designer and manufacturer of infant hair accessories.

Notables and Quotables

1. Since 2009, Baby Bling’s products have been sold in Nordstrom and the brand is now carried in every Nordstrom location nationwide, in Puerto Rico, and is scheduled to open in Canada this fall. “We have been participating in Nordstrom’s replenishment program for over a year and are currently the No. 1 selling item in the entire children’s department,” Harris says.
2. The company has more than 21,000 followers on Instagram.
3. Baby Bling is sold in more than 400 specialty boutiques across the country. It also provides “private label” products for another large U.S. department store chain.
4. It now has 43 local women contracted to sew its products. “While this is not the easiest route to go with manufacturing, it truly benefits our local economy and provides benefits that larger scale manufacturers cannot provide.”
5. Baby Bling was founded by a mother-daughter team.

NO. 11 Goodwin Media

Three-Year Growth 218% 2014 Revenue $1.5 million CityHighland Founded 2006 Employees 12 Industry Marketing Website FounderStewart Goodwin, 34

The Company An independent digital agency that offers brand strategy and design.

“Be authentic. Don’t over-promise. Follow through on what you say.”

— Stewart Goodwin, founder of No. 11 Goodwin Media

Notables and Quotables

1. Goodwin Media is a “virtual agency” model.
2. Clients include Adobe, the LDS Church, ModBod, Persnickety Prints, Xactware and more.
3. “We have no sales people,” Goodwin says. “Our business is entirely referral based, which means we’re only as good as our last project.”
4. “Be authentic. Don’t over-promise. Follow through on what you say.”
5. Goodwin Media has had a continual and impressive presence on the UV50. “It’s been a long and slow growth pattern, but it has been consistent over the past six years. People want to work with a company they can trust. We aim to be that company.”

NO. 12 Peak Capital Partners

Three-Year Growth 179% 2014 Revenue $87 million City Provo Founded 2007 Employees150 Industry Real estate/financial Website Founder Jeff Danley, 40; Jeff Burningham; Jamie Dunn

The Company A manager of conventional, affordable and student apartment assets in growth markets across the U.S.

Notables and Quotables

1. Peak Capital Partners has an asset portfolio of more than $800 million.
2. It provides housing to 15,000 American families.
3. In the company’s bootstrap beginnings, all three partners worked out of a 100-square-foot office while carpooling to work together.
4. The company works hard at creating a fun, collaborative environment for its team with summer plays, movie nights, birthday pies, “Food Truck Fridays” and foosball games.
5. “We are team focused here,” Danley says. “We’re focused on winning — in business and in life.”

NO. 13 Deductr

Three-Year Growth 162% 2014 Revenue $1 million City Orem Founded 2009 Employees12 Industry Technology/finance Website CEO John Thomas (“JT”), 54

The Company A provider of web-based and mobile applications that automate tracking expenses, mileage and time.

Notables and Quotables

1. Deductr was founded by a group of entrepreneurs who were frustrated by the lack of a tool to help small business owners maximize their eligible tax deductions and eliminate tax-time stress.
2. “We’ve grown because we have a real product that solves a real need for real customers,” Thomas says.
3. Deductr has nearly 3,000 likes on Facebook and its slogan is “Think outside the shoebox.”
4. Corporate culture in three words: “Team. Open. Honest.”
5. “Hire passion and watch the cash.”

NO. 14 Four Foods Group

Three-Year Growth 145% 2014 Revenue $55.7 million City American Fork Founded 2008Employees 1,150 Industry Food & beverage/restaurant development Website Founders Andrew K. Smith, 39; Shauna K. Smith, 36

The Company A restaurant development, financing, operations and management company primarily focused on the expansion of Kneaders Bakery in the mountain west states.

Notables and Quotables

1. Four Foods Group began with one Kneaders store and now operates 21 across three states — with 18 more under development. It plans on operating more than 55 restaurants by the end of 2016.
2. “Our goal is to provide 2,100 jobs in 2015,” Smith says.
3. Four Foods Group has been a regular on the UV50 — both in our Startup to Watch category and in the Fastest-Growing Companies category.
4. “Our riskiest decision? Signing a $20 million LOC to develop additional restaurants in a multi-state region, and signing leases totaling more than $60 million.”
5. “Every day we accomplish something that makes it the ‘most proud’ moment in the business.”

NO. 15 Design Imaging

Three-Year Growth 134% 2014 Revenue $4.6 million CityOrem Founded 2004 Employees 20 Industry Manufacturing Website FounderMatthew Wilson, 37

The Company A manufacturer of lightweight composite tub and shower wall panels that are printed to look just like real marble, travertine and granite.

Notables and Quotables

1. Its products are available through a professional dealer network or in a do-it-yourself kit via major retailers.
2. The company added a major Midwest home center —Menards — with its line of DIY kits. “The most rewarding moment was walking into my first Menards store and seeing our product in four different shower displays,” Wilson says.
3. “When we had exhausted our initial angel funding and had not reached break-even, we chose to trim our own pay as well as other expenses and take a loan to keep it alive. VCs would have shut it down.”
4. Founder Matt Wilson is brothers with another UV50 company founder — Brad Wilson of SimTek Fence.
5. “Products generally don’t sell themselves. You need an active, dynamic sales system.”

NO. 16 Profire Energy

Three-Year Growth 122% 2014 Revenue $35.3 million City Lindon Founded 2002 Employees102 Industry Oil and gas/technology Website Founder Brenton Hatch, 65

The Company An oilfield technology business specializing in burner management systems.

Notables and Quotables

1. Profire Energy is a publicly-traded company.
2. Culture in three words: “Proactive. Family Focused. Dedicated.”
3. The company also has offices in Texas and Canada. And when employees visit the Texas location, they’re taken to a local cowboy store to get cowboy boots.
4. “Find your niche in your respective industry and stick to it,” Hatch says. “Have confidence. There is a significant danger in spreading yourself too thin and trying to appeal to every member of your respective industry.”
5. “We have more facial hair per capita than any other Utah Valley company.”

NO. 17 Domega

Three-Year Growth 121% 2014 Revenue $4 million CityOrem Founded 2005 Employees 79 Industry Technology Website Founder Jake Fackrell, 42

The Company A provider of high tech data aggregation tools.

Notables and Quotables

1. The purpose of Domega? To monetize data.
2. The name Domega is derived from a unit of binary storage called a Domegemegrottebyte, which is 1033 (1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000) bytes of data. One Domegabyte could store every piece of media, every book ever written and every word ever spoken in the entire world many times over.
3. “We bought and relocated into a building next door to a large competitor,” Fackrell says. “We celebrate the day with a 5 o’clock dance party.”
4. Domega has monthly company lunches where Fackrell flips burgers for everyone.
5. “My advice? Buckle up, especially if you are not externally funded. Manage cash flow to ensure longevity. Articulate the vision.”

NO. 18 iQue Repair

Three-Year Growth 96% 2014 Revenue $1.5 million City American Fork Founded 2011 Employees 20 Industry Retail/repair/technology Founder KC Kelly, 26

The Company A provider of repairs, warranties and accessories for all things mobile.

Notables and Quotables

1. iQue Repair wants to revolutionize the way the world views repair vs. replacement.
2. When they were first starting out, founder KC Kelly literally employed “gorilla marketing.” He wore a gorilla suit to the mall with a T-shirt that said, “Don’t be a monkey — get your iPhone fixed!”
3. “We’ve always been the type to try it first before outsourcing it — from painting our walls to building our own desks,” Kelly says.
4. iQue Repair was one of BusinessQ’s UV50 Startups to Watch last year. (Nailed it again!)
5. “We love to meet quarterly as a team and just talk for hours about our concerns, ideas and hopes in an honest and open format. Nothing is off limits. It’s refreshing.”

NO. 19 EDGE Homes

Three-Year Growth 96%
2014 Revenue $137.7 million City Orem
Founded 2008 Employees 58 Industry Real estate Website
Founders Gordon Jones, 44; Joel Harris, 44

The Company A residential construction company.

Notables and Quotables

1. EDGE was recognized as the nation’s fastest-growing homebuilder.
2. It has more than 30 communities across the Wasatch Front, and the company is devoted to giving back to local causes.
3. “Relationships matter,” Jones says. “No matter how big you get, it’s always about people. You need to care about doing the right thing.”
4. EDGE has more than 50 unique, award-winning floorplans to customize.
5. “We’ll never stop growing and progressing.”

NO. 20 eFileCabinet

Three-Year Growth 75% 2014 Revenue $5.1 million City LehiFounded 2001 Employees 101 Industry Technology Website Founder Matt Peterson, 48

The Company A provider of document management software products and services.

Notables and Quotables

1. eFileCabinet’s paperless software and electronic document storage products help businesses reduce dependency on paper.
2. The company has more than 12,000 customers and 155,000 users.
3. “Growth needs to have a clearly defined purpose and plan or else you won’t get buy-in from key players,” Peterson says.
4. eFileCabinet has a tradition of FREE Friday lunches.
5. “Our office consumes over a dozen batches of popcorn daily.”

NO. 21 Sub Zero Ice Cream

Three-Year Growth 72% 2014 Revenue $1.1 million City Provo Founded 2010 Employees30 Industry Food & beverage Website Founders Jerry Hancock, 48; Naomi Hancock, 43

The Company A cyrogenic gourmet ice cream experience that flash freezes customized individual portions of cream, flavors and mix-ins into a frozen treat in less than 30 seconds.

Notables and Quotables

1. Sub Zero Ice Cream has 54 franchise locations, including two international locations in Abu Dhabi.
2. The Hancocks appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank in 2013. They didn’t walk away with a deal, but they did walk away with some cold, hard exposure.
3. Working the business together as husband and wife has been the most fun. “We actually pitched the sharks ON our 14th wedding anniversary,” Jerry Hancock says.
4. “The most rewarding moment was when people took the sharks’ advice and invested in our business by buying a franchise.”
5. Jerry used his chemistry background to develop the frozen treat, and all of the company’s original equipment was Military Surplus nitrogen tanks.

NO. 22 Persnickety Prints

Three-Year Growth 71% 2014 Revenue $1.1 million City Orem Founded 2010 Employees12 Industry Professional photo lab Website Founder Chari Pack, 40

The Company A next generation photo lab that uses dark room technology for digital imaging.

“There is no get rich quick.’It’s called hard work.” 

— Chari Pack, founder of No. 22  Persnickety Prints

Notables and Quotables

1. With more than 32,000 followers on Instagram and a persnickety business philosophy, the company is picture perfect.
2. “We say no to business opportunities that might increase profits, but just don’t make sense for our customer,” Pack says. “It’s never about the dollar for PP, and when we stay true to our passion, we end up winning in the end.”
3. The company is made up of “mostly women running big heavy equipment, mixing chemicals and getting dirty.”
4. “We are now teaching thousands of other photo labs across the globe how to succeed. Feels great being the front runner in our industry.”
5. “We started in 2010 while being told how ridiculous it is to open a photo lab when ‘nobody prints photos anymore.’ We’re here to prove you all wrong!”

NO. 23 Five Star Franchising

Three-Year Growth 70% 2014 Revenue $5.7 million City Spanish Fork Founded 2004 Employees 49 Industry Home services Website Founder Scott Abbott, 40; Chad Jones, 40

The Company A franchise development company.

Notables and Quotables

1. The company provides entrepreneurs with the support and tools they need to run a successful franchise.
2. It is currently franchising Five Star Bath Solutions and Five Star Holiday Decor.
3. “What’s most rewarding? Seeing our franchisees break one million in sales and experience financial independence for the first time,” Abbott says.
4. “We do a ‘fiver’ every week — an all-hands-on-deck meeting for five minutes at 2:55 p.m. every Tuesday. We talk about the high fives and low fives and make sure we celebrate wins.”
5. The founders have been five-star friends since they were 12 years old.

NO. 24 You Need a Budget

Three-Year Growth 66% 2014 Revenue $4.5 million City Lehi Founded 2004 Employees 33 Industry Technology/finance Website FounderJesse Mecham, 34

The Company A provider of financial education/management software.

Notables and Quotables

1. On average, You Need A Budget’s customers have a $200 turnaround in one month.
2. The company, which is made up of a remote team, has a monthly video conference. “One team member gives a presentation on whatever they’d like: tap dancing, juggling, board games, the eruption of Mt. St. Helens, etc.,” Mecham says.
3. “Solve a core, single problem — and solve it well.”
4. When an employee is hired, they fill out a bucket list with 50 items, and then the company helps them cross off a major item every few years. “You don’t know someone until you’ve read their bucket list.”
5. “We call ourselves why-nab when we’re in a hurry.”

NO. 25 Professional Cable

Three-Year Growth 66% 2014 Revenue $1.1 million City Orem Founded 2007 Employees10 Industry Technology Website Founder Jason Bringhurst, 44

The Company A supplier of network cables and datacom products to IT managers, system administrators, contractors and data centers nationwide.

Notables and Quotables

1. Professional Cable has moved four times in eight years to accommodate the growth.
2. The most rewarding moment? “When we bought a forklift because we were shipping so many pallets of cables,” Bringhurst says.
3. Professional Cable’s products are sold in college stores from NYU to UCLA. “We’re the college cable gurus!”
4. “My first year of business, our largest customer filed bankruptcy and owed us $50,000. I had to decide if I should shut the doors or put A LOT onto credit cards to get through it. I chose the risky way and put a lot of bills onto multiple credit cards with the motto, ‘Failure is not an option.’”
5. Culture in three words: “Cables with cowbell.”

NO. 26 NorthStar Alarm

Three-Year Growth 63% 2014 Revenue $17.9 million City Orem Founded 2000 Employees390 Industry Security/home automation Website Founder Jason S. Christensen, 42

The Company A provider of home security and automation.

Notables and Quotables

1. NorthStar serves more than 44,000 customers nationwide. “We named the company NorthStar because we thought it would sound like a company that prospective customers had already heard of. Even in 2002 when we started selling security systems in Ohio, it would be common to have customers say, ‘Yeah, I’ve heard of NorthStar before.’”
2. NorthStar is regularly involved in charitable projects that give back to the Utah Valley community.
3. “Growing is great,” Christensen says. “However, I’ve watched a lot of companies in our industry come and go by trying to grow too fast and at all costs. We have maintained a healthy but manageable level of growth that has allowed us to evolve as a company. We’ve followed our own plan.”
4. The company has “good news” check-ins every week where employees report on something that is not work related.
5. “We’ve had to resort to paying our employees in meatballs from time to time. But they’re my wife’s Italian meatballs.”

NO. 27 SimTek Fence

Three-Year Growth 59% 2014 Revenue $11.1 million City OremFounded 2007 Employees 55 Industry Manufacturing Website Founder Brad Wilson, 40

The Company A manufacturer and seller of simulated stone fence systems molded from steel-reinforced polyethylene.

Notables and Quotables

1. SimTek product is sold in the United States, Canada and a dozen-plus countries around the globe.
2. There are thousands of dealers carrying SimTek’s product — including Home Depot.
3. “Advice for growing companies? Set up shop in Utah,” Wilson says. “Other states make things very complex and costly. Utah is a great state for business.”
4. The company partnered with Habitat For Humanity to design and provide customer sound barrier fencing to two communities in Texas — and spent 18 months on research and development to enhance its product for their needs.
5. “Best company-bonding moment? Bellyflop competition at the local pool. Most rewarding moment? Seeing our name in print as one of the UV50 Fastest-Growing Companies for the first time.” (Aw, shucks.)

NO. 28 Simplicity Laser

Three-Year Growth 50% 2014 Revenue $5.9 million City Lindon Founded 2009 Employees 110 Industry Medical aesthetics Website Founder Erik Adams, 42

The Company A provider of aesthetic services, including laser hair removal, facials and skin treatments with cutting edge technology.

Notables and Quotables

1. Simplicity Laser has 11 locations in six states.
2. It has more than 35,000 clients and has performed more than 2 million treatments.
3. “We aren’t afraid to be unconventional. We focus on creative ways to do things differently from everybody else,” Adams says.
4. All of the company’s male executives have hairless legs.
5. “We launched the company with no money, knowing that in two weeks we would have some big bills to pay. Investing this money, in addition to investing in a tremendous amount of technical equipment, was definitely scary. But what’s been most rewarding is seeing people catch the vision of what we’re doing. And when we expanded into our second market, it proved we weren’t a one-hit wonder.”

NO. 29 Zylun

Three-Year Growth 48%
2014 Revenue $2.1 million
City Lehi Founded 2010
Employees 150 Industry Technical staffing
Founder Brigham Tomco, 36

The Company A provider of enterprise-level recruiting, infrastructure, and HR management through a “cosourcing model,” which helps companies compete in a global marketplace by connecting them to overseas talent.

Notables and Quotables

1. Ninety-five percent of Zylun’s employees live in the Philippines and not one of its managers speak any of the local dialects. “We are still able to operate because Filipinos speak English so well,” Tomco says.
2. The company raised more than $600,000 of funding in 2014.
3. “Hire people who can wear many hats at the beginning, but at the same time help them develop expertise so they are relevant as the business scales.”
4. Zylun was in BusinessQ as one of our UV50 Startups to Watch in 2012. (Must we say it again? … Nailed it.)
5. “The most rewarding thing is visiting our teams offshore and seeing how Zylun has created opportunities for many people.”

NO. 30 Rain Retail Software

Three-Year Growth 47% 2014 Revenue $1.4 million City Springville Founded 2008 Employees25 Industry Technology/retail Website Founders Sean Roylance, 42; Brian King, 34; Milo LeBaron, 33

The Company A provider of a cloud-based point-of-sale solution for retailers.

Notables and Quotables

1. Rain Retail Software is one of the first companies in the world to offer a true cloud-based point-of-sale solution. It provides real-time pricing, availability, and web sales for every product carried by the store.
2. Retailers using Rain increase their YOY gross sales on average 15 to 50 percent.
3. “Make a concrete plan, and then assume expenses will be clearly higher and revenues will be lower than you project,” Roylance says. “If it still makes sense, go for it!”
4. “Only grow when you can pay for it — and pay yourself last.”
5. “The most rewarding moment was standing in front of a thousand retailers at a trade show and watching their jaws drop when they saw how our software just changed their industry.”

THE FINE PRINT The Fastest-Growing Companies list is selected from a group of applicants and ranked based on a percentage growth over the three-year period from 2012-2014. The base year must have a revenue of at least $50,000. Companies must be headquartered in Utah Valley to qualify. If corporate headquarters are outside of the county, only sales of its Utah Valley location(s) are eligible. Companies in a franchise model are measured by sales from their local corporate-owned stores along with royalty revenues from their franchisees. The revenue figures have been verified by BusinessQ. We disclaim any responsibility for companies that did not apply.




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