There’s a lot of moving parts when it comes to creating an effective SEO campaign for your business. One of the most important factors within an SEO campaign is your audience. Narrowing and targeting a select audience can be a difficult task. Here at Boostability, we know how to target the right audience that is best for your business needs. Let’s dive into which audiences are the best to target for your business’ SEO campaign.


Why is it Important?

The more content your website has, the better chances your business has to attract different audiences. While it’s important to recognize all of the individuals who come to your website, it’s important to capture the essence of why they are coming to your website. Be sure to recognize the groups of categories that are most important and popular to your viewers. Once you recognize what categories interest your audience the most, this can help create targeting strategies for your SEO campaign. 

Anyone that comes and visits your website is interested in learning more about what you can offer them. In the ways of SEO, each new person that visits your website helps create a potential chance of securing a conversion and expanding your brand exposure. Audience targeting is focused on increasing your relevance for every gain to be better as time goes on. When you focus on other individuals who aren’t interested in your services and products, you’re wasting yours and their time and money.



There are a variety of strategies that can help you target the right audience for your business. Each strategy has the same goal of focusing on an audience that is beneficial to your business. Here are a few ways your business can effectively target your selected audience:

Define your Audience

Loads of individuals come and visit your website daily. One of the best ways to start looking into your audience goes into defining your targeted audience and their interests. These set of individuals are who you’re marketing your products and services to.

Look for similar characteristics that help define your audience and give answers as to the type of content they’re interested in reading. One way to view these groups of characteristics is through Google Analytics. When you enable the Demographics and Interests report, you have access to a wide spread of similarities and differences that helps to define your audience. When you define your audience, this helps you understand who is coming to your website and cut down the select audience you’re after.


Once you’ve defined your selected audience in mind, generate a list of keywords or phrases that an individual may use to find your business. Using long-tail keyword phrases helps you discover what keywords you’re looking for. Once you have a list of keywords, select a few of them you feel best represents your brand and find the demographic or audience that best fits with them.

From discovering and understanding your select keywords, you can then identify questions that your users are curious to know. Identifying common user questions has become more important in search queries. When you know the questions your customers are about to ask, you will be one step ahead in answering them. Keywords are a core part of SEO and they help narrow down relevance to your business and it’s products.

Social Viewpoint

Another way of narrowing your audience is tapping into social insights. This helps your business learn more about who your customers are personally and what they like to see from you. While on social platforms, be sure to take advantage and notice trending topics within these demographics.

Social platforms are one of the quickest ways to get information about an audience. They also help you observe how they interact with other competing brands. This gives your business a better sense of their values, interests, desires, and dispositions.

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Search Habits

When you’re interacting with your online audience, find out if your demographic has any telling search habits that can help optimize or organize your efforts to specifically target them. Niche search needs, such as voice search, can be one option to help learn about the habits of your audience. Learning your audience’s habits could be a useful way to help target your specific audience.

Research Other Brands

Looking up what your competitors are doing is never a wrong thing. In fact, this can help strengthen your audience targeting by seeing what your competitors are missing out on. Analyzing other companies and brands helps your business collect insights that help fill in the blanks.


Who Benefits the Most From SEO?

There are a variety of different businesses that benefit from SEO. Every business loves to be discovered, but it’s easier for some businesses to succeed in SEO than others. Here are a list of audience industries that benefit the most from SEO from utilizing and recognizing their audiences:

Professional Services

For professional services such as accountants, IT consultants, and financial planners, consumers are wanting to look at your business to view the specific services you provide. They’re also examining your website to determine the credibility and quality of your work. If a website doesn’t show up in the top results within your specific industry, your business may not be considered. Professional Services must rely on SEO to help them succeed online.

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Small Businesses and Startups

All small business owners should know to rely on SEO when creating their online presence. SEO greatly benefits your business by expanding and helping individuals find and recognize your business. SEO saves businesses higher costs in the long run instead of losing money in advertising that will only attract individuals for a short period of time. Small businesses can also get an edge over bigger competitors by targeting smaller niches within their shared demographics.

For online businesses, it’s crucial to lean on leads through SEO. Businesses that solely remain online lack some local brick and mortar business to draw from. For consumers to find their business, quality SEO plans and strategies help to expand online businesses.

Local Businesses

Having local SEO added to your business’ SEO campaign helps create credibility for locals and tourists passing through. For open minded individuals searching for a specific industry, it’s common for them to add keywords such as ‘around me’ or ‘near me’ to view options around them. Recognizing local SEO for your business can help build credibility within your community.

For businesses with multi-locations, having local SEO gives individuals the opportunity to find the right location near them. Especially if local stores promote special deals, implementing local SEO gives your customers an opportunity to have options and know the right locations for them. 

Highly competitive brands within your industry, who are surrounded by similar products and services, can be a negative towards your business. SEO is a perfect fit for these companies to help differentiate your business against your competitors. Having SEO towards your competitors is a key opportunity to improve your rankings and increase your audience.

Niche Companies

For companies that have specific functions and niches, SEO is extremely important to create your target audience. These companies already have an extreme advantage in their SEO field by being unique and working towards their specific audience. Below are a few examples of niche companies that specifically target and benefit in SEO for their audiences:

Pet Services

Pet owners often search for services for their pets such as pet hotels or kennels, dog walking, animal hospitals, pet grooming, etc. For pet businesses offering these services, it’s important to showcase these services for individuals to find through their SEO searches.

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Dozens of maintenance professionals are beneficial for customers searching for their services and products. When something breaks or an incident occurs, individuals search online for solutions to fix the issue. If a maintenance business doesn’t have an online presence, where can an individual go to find the solution to their issue? Implementing SEO gives the business the opportunity to create connections and help fix the problem.


When an individual becomes hungry but is unsure where to go, searching online for options is critical to their business. Having reviews present in a consumers online search gives them the credibility to choose and enjoy your business amongst their competitors.

Medical Practices

When an unexpected accident happens it can be hard to know where to go. In incidents where no accident happens, individuals could be switching health insurance and need to find a new medical practice to go to. Medical practices already have an SEO advantage in consumers searching within a specific field of specialization. From there, utilizing local SEO gives customers a better understanding of who’s near them. When an individual may be feeling pain and need some insight, SEO connects them with your medical business to reach your target audience in times where they need you most.


While there are key industries that largely benefit from SEO, most businesses can utilize SEO to their advantage in targeting their audience. When your business finds leads in your SEO strategy that help to target your specific audience, put in the effort to keep your audience active. Understanding your targeted audience helps improve your business strategy, motivations, brand, and credibility. 

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Aaron is Boostability's Director of Partners.