A programmer who is skilled in the development of the application of World Wide Web, or the application of a distributed network that runs from a web server to web browser over HTTP, is known as a Web Developer.

The work of Web Developers

The latest application of the web encompasses three or more tiers.  The Web Developer may specialise in one, two, or more such tiers, or they may work in an interdisciplinary fashion, depending on the size of their team. The Web Developer may work on the technologies that are delivered to their client such as CSS, JavaScript, and HTML. They may also work on the framework of side servers such as: ASP.NET, ASP, JAVA, PHP, Ruby, Python, and Perl.

They can work on the interaction between the framework of server-side, database system, and web server.  Depending on the size of the organization, the Web Developer may enjoy additional responsibilities such as: working closely with Database Administrators, Software Architects, Project Managers, Web Producers, Web Designers, User Experience Designers, Marketing Advisors, Copy Writers, and/or Content Reporters.

Developers are responsible for project management and web design.

The tools of web development

To test and debug code, the Web Developers use web development tools. Web development tools may be contained in a built-in feature of the web browser, or may be add-ons to the browser. These tools aid the Web Developer in working across various technologies such as: components of web browsers, JavaScript, HTML, DOM, and CSS.

Latest trends in web development

The work of Web Developers has become more exciting, easy, and efficient with advances in technology and latest trends, including:

  • Motion UI:  a type of SASS library that eliminates complications in the transition of an app and makes it look more rich and smooth with predefined motions. This is generally used for the transition of CSS and animation creation.
    Motion UI has become one of the Web Developer’s favourite libraries due to its ability to seamlessly integrate prototypical elements into the website.
  • New and advanced platform:  new technologies that are emerging in the platform have brought about lots of positive changes in the market. With the emergence of advanced platforms, responsive web designs are not only limited to mobile responsiveness or mobile first.

Why you should hire a professional Web Developer?

In this era of technology, every company wants to be famous on the web. If you want to enjoy success on the Internet, you should hire a Web Developer, and subscribe to a web development company’s services, to make your business grow and guarantee a better ROI.

Reasons why hiring a Web Developer will increase the chances of your business succeeding include:

  • Professional appeal:  Web Developers are skilled and impart a professional look and feel to your business website. They will take care of every feature of the website, including: navigation, content, and colour schemes. You can trust them with your website.
  • Organisation and Structure:  Web Developers are highly experienced in their field so they develop an organised and structured website, both on the back- and the front-end. These skills aid in the efficient and smooth maintenance and management of your website.
    A well structured and organised website will encourage the viewer to spend more time exploring the website and its features.
  • Customized and unique look:  When you hire a team of professional Web Developers, you can be sure of a customised website with an original and unique look. A Web Developer aims to make the website a reflection of your business in every possible aspect.
  • Improved user experience and navigation:  A professional Web Developer will develop your website with navigation features that are both intuitive and smooth.
    By making the user’s browsing experience more comfortable, you are increasing the chances of them returning to your site.
  • Easy to update and modify:  It is inevitable that, with the passage of time, changes occur. A professional Web Developer will design a website that is flexible enough to allow for modifications and updates when, or if, needed.
    By appointing a professional Web Developer in the starting phase of your business’ website development, it will make updating and editing the content on a daily basis effortless – without needing additional technical help.
  • No maintenance issues:  Having a Web Developer take complete care of your site means you won’t need to worry about maintenance. Usually the Web Developer creates the website so efficiently that there is little chance of any issue arising.
  • Long term benefits: It is a fact that businesses that engage the assistance of a professional Web Developer, for the development and designing of a website, enjoy various benefits and success in the future.
    The website receives a better ROI, and witnesses a gradual rise in its sales, organic ranks, and traffic. These achievements are very important for a company to survive in the fierce competition across today’s markets. Although you may have to invest a considerable amount of money at the outset by hiring an experienced Web Developer, doing so will help you in the long run. By laying a strong foundation for your business’ website, you will reap the benefits and enjoy the successes of your undertaking.

There are various, highly professional, skilled, and experienced web developers Lebanon who can offer you beneficial services and promotional tools for your website. They will offer you high quality services at very reasonable rates. The team of a brilliant and qualified Web Developer will impart innovative and unique features to your business website, and give visitors to your site a remarkable and memorable experience.