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Optimizing Voice Search Marketing: Top Trends and Strategies

Businesses need to adapt in order to stay competitive and capitalize on the increasing dependency on voice commands. Learn more here!

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The Future of SEO: Voice Search, Visual Search, and Augmented Reality

The future of SEO is changing fast. Learn how cutting-edge technologies are reshaping the digital landscape and explore unique strategies to stay ahead.

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SEO Trends That You Should Not Neglect

The SEO industry doesn’t stay in the same place. It moves ahead all the time and brings new solutions. If SEO experts can’t suggest something

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What You Need to Know for Voice Search SEO

How many of us have a smart device in our home? Be it an Amazon Alexa speaker, a Google Home, Siri on our phones, voice

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What is BERT—Do I Need to Change My SEO Strategy?

This post was selected as one of the top digital marketing articles of the week by UpCity, a B2B ratings and review company for digital marketing agencies and

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What’s the Difference Between Voice Search and Regular Search?

The way people make a voice search is different than regular Google searches. After all, humans talk differently when speaking versus typing. Instead of having

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How Voice Search is Transforming SEO

Virtual assistants and smart speakers have moved from a fad to the mainstream. The average American adult spends more than 10 hours a day interacting

AI, Chatbots and Consumers: "Alexa, What Does This Mean for Business?"
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AI, Chatbots and Consumers: “Alexa, What Does This Mean for Business?”

Through the development of websites, apps, and smart devices, we now find ourselves in a digital age where uttering the words, “OK Google”, “Hey Siri”

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How Voice Recognition Will Impact SEO?

Voice recognition technology is nothing new. However, it has only recently become popular. When Apple released Siri, few users took advantage of the function —