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Link Building Services

Link building is essential for small businesses to stay competitive and relevant online. But it requires a lot of time and resources to do it well. And as a business owner, you’re already busy enough! Boostability can provide your business with effective link building services that drive results.

Why Does Link Building Matter in SEO?

Increased Authority

Securing a backlink from an authoritative site helps search engines see your website in that same light. This is especially important for small businesses operating in YMYL industries (Your Money Your Life), including medicine, health, and finance. Search engines place more value and weight on websites that demonstrate their authority and credibility over websites that cannot.



Increased Positioning

Link building can also help a website gain higher rankings and increase online visibility. Search engines reward websites that demonstrate their authority by increasing their digital presence, which can get your website in front of more prospective customers.



Increased Site Traffic

Link building can increase site traffic in two ways. First, referral traffic from the third-party site. And second, by increasing organic positioning to get seen by more people. This helps small businesses boost brand awareness, diversify website traffic, and increase revenue.

Our Approach to White Hat Link Building Services

Link building is all about developing a businesses online authority and proving trustworthiness to search engines and site visitors. Google consistently counts link building as a ranking factor in it’s core algorithm updates. And it doesn’t look like that will change any time soon. At Boostability, our SEO approach offers white hat link building services. We do this in a variety of ways depending on what will provide the best results for your business.


Business Profile Creation & Optimization

Inconsistent information about your business can confuse customers, create a poor user experience, and negatively impact SEO. Business profile creation and optimization plays a key role in our SEO and link building services. Without a well-built out and up-to-date profile, directory and citation building won’t have a big impact.


Directories & Citation Building

We research the top business directories relevant to your business and submit your website and business profile to be listed, along with supporting keywords and categories. Business directories and citations are an excellent way to expand your scope and reach a larger audience looking for services or products that your business can offer. At the same time, it provides consistent NAP across the web. This is especially important for small businesses that need a strong local SEO presence in their community.

Outreach Services

Our team of SEO and link building experts research your industry in-depth to develop a comprehensive outreach strategy. This includes finding opportunities to contact high-authority websites, publishers, influencers and bloggers, community thought leaders, and more relevant places for your business and target audience.


Social / Website Bookmarking

Included in our SEO link building service is social bookmarking (also known as website bookmarking). Submitting your website to bookmarking sites is a great way to increase brand awareness and promote valuable information regarding your business to a larger audience.


Guest Blogging

As an SEO and link building company, our team is made up of technical experts and content specialists. Working together, we create original, keyword-rich content designed to rank. Then we distribute it to sites relevant to your business that can attract the right type of customer. It’s an effective white hat link building service that promotes your brand and message to a larger audience.

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Why Should I Hire a Link Building Company?

As an important ranking factor, there’s no time to waste on a mediocre link building strategy. A dedicated SEO and link building company like Boostability has the time, experience, and resources to be able to develop and execute an effective backlink strategy for your business. Securing quality backlinks is an essential strategy to giving your website a competitive advantage and increasing your online presence.


Boostability provides small business SEO services that improve digital presence, helping businesses like yours stay competitive online, and a critical component of SEO is a white hat link building strategy. Are you ready to get started? Talk to an expert below and see if our SEO and link building services are a right fit for your small business!

Boostability Gets You Found

At Boostability, we’re not just another SEO company. We’re obsessed with helping our small business customers get found online. From the second we connect with you, you’ll see that passion shine through.


We have hundreds of SEO experts working for all of our customers. We track millions of keywords every month, so you know your SEO campaign is fueled by data-driven decisions. And with over ten years of experience where we haven’t been negatively impacted by a Google algorithm update since 2013, we provide white hat link building services that help increase a small businesses SEO and authority to stay competitive online.

Link Building FAQ

What is white hat link building?

White hat link building is an SEO technique that aims to secure quality backlinks to a website using approved best practices. Unlike black hat link building, it is not seen as malicious or spammy. White hat link building can yield a high reward if done well, including increased site traffic, organic positioning, and brand awareness.

White hat link building strategies include techniques like unlinked brand mentions, broken link recovery, guest blogging, and building directories and citations.


What is black hat link building?

Black hat link building consists of shady tactics that are no longer a best practice and are discouraged by search engines. Black hat tactics can hurt your website’s performance in the long-term because search engines view this as spam. Be wary of agencies that promise a fast increase in your domain authority. This is a long-term strategy that takes time to achieve and fast results often come at the price of black hat link building tactics.

Black hat link building can include paying directly for backlinks, trading links or excessive link exchange, and link farms (generated by automated programs). See Google’s full list of link schemes.


Can I buy backlinks?

No, you should not directly purchase a backlink to increase website authority because this is a black hat SEO tactic and doesn’t follow off-site SEO best practices. However, it’s not a black hat tactic to pay for a service that helps your business generate exposure and value through white hat link building strategies. This kind of exchange is typically value-driven and has user experience in mind. You can use a third party site with content or a site that their users would find valuable and genuine, not malicious or spammy.


How much does link building cost?

There’s a common misconception that SEO and link building must be expensive in order to do it successfully. That’s not the case! There’s a variety of factors that play into ranking online, and they depend on your business needs. You want to make sure that the link building company you work with takes your goals, business, and target audience into account when giving you a price quote. SEO and link building services can be affordable and available at any budget. Check out our SEO pricing page for more information!

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