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Google Ads Limiting Search Term Reporting

As you know here at Boostability, we talk a lot about SEO. It’s our bread and butter. On our blog, we talk a lot more

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COVID-19 Digital Marketing Search Sessions

Search Sessions | Getting More with Google Ads

At Boostability, we talk a lot about how to help our small business customers succeed online with a strong SEO strategy. In this week’s Search

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Where Did Your Ads Go? What to Do When Your Google Ads Aren’t Showing Up

After hours, days or even weeks of hard work, your Google Ads campaigns are finally live. You’ve picked your keywords, written out your ads, chosen

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How Has Google Ads Changed in the Past Few Years?

Google launched AdWords in 2000 with just 350 clients on board as advertisers. This new platform revolutionized online marketing. By 2015, it was generating revenue

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Google Ads Automated Bidding: 4 “Gotchas” to Watch Out For

There are a lot of reasons to love the idea of automated bidding in Google Ads. Paid search can be a real challenge to stay

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4 Google Ads Gotchas to Watch Out For

When you’re new to Google Ads—whether you’re looking to launch your first campaign or are wondering why your first campaign or two isn’t producing results—it’s