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Why You Need to Take Your Analytics Game to the Next Level

What’s the biggest difference between online and offline marketing? There are a lot of potential answers to that question, but one of the biggest has

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Balancing Growth and Profit: How to Choose Your Target CPA

Grow or die. Whether you’re running a mom and pop store or Amazon, every business needs to grow in one way or another. Even if

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4 Simple Ways to Use Facebook Video Ads to Promote Your Local Business

In recent years, video ads on Facebook have become an important part of online advertising. Video ads are simply more engaging and interesting than standard

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Where Did Your Ads Go? What to Do When Your Google Ads Aren’t Showing Up

After hours, days or even weeks of hard work, your Google Ads campaigns are finally live. You’ve picked your keywords, written out your ads, chosen

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7 Tips for Creating an Effective Facebook Ads Campaign

Setting up an effective Facebook Ads campaign takes a lot of work. Sure, Facebook has done its best to make things as simple and straightforward

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4 Ways to Improve the Performance of Your Online Forms

If the goal of your marketing is to produce new lead, you probably want one of two things when someone clicks on one of your

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Google Ads Automated Bidding: 4 “Gotchas” to Watch Out For

There are a lot of reasons to love the idea of automated bidding in Google Ads. Paid search can be a real challenge to stay

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9 Easy Copywriting Tips That Will Improve Your Email Campaigns

Email marketing is one of the easiest ways to get better results from your marketing. It’s simple to set up and run. It’s affordable. It

4 Ways to Improve Your Google Ads Campaigns Today
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4 Ways to Improve Your Google Ads Campaigns Today

Anyone who’s ever managed a Google Ads campaign knows just how complicated advertising on Google can be. Between all the keywords, bids, ad copy and

3 Ways You Can Win at PPC in 2019
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3 Ways You Can Win at PPC in 2019

Let’s face it, a lot changed in PPC advertising last year. You’re probably wondering how you can win at PPC in 2019 with all the