This Week’s #MusicMonday: #BoostJams Round 2

#BoostJams For Your Daily Commute

This Week’s #MusicMonday: #BoostJams Round 2

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Different situations call for different jams, which is why I’ve decided to include an array of some of my favorite songs for different situations. If you don’t like my picks, I get that. But you’re wrong and I hate you. 😉

You Only Live Once by the Strokes

The Strokes were “only living once” back in 2006, long before that was the cool thing to do (or say). It’s a slow tempo rocker that makes for a great jam to start off your day on the way to work.

The Soundmaker by Rodrigo y Gabriela

This fast-paced instrumental is the perfect blend of being upbeat, but not too distracting for me to get the work day started off with a bang – perhaps while checking email.

Map of the Problematique by Muse

I probably have a high tolerance for noise distraction, but in my opinion this is some great ambiance music to work to.

Planet Telex by Radiohead

Similar to my third choice, this might be too distracting for you. If you’re like me though, you’ll love the subtle and echoing background melodies in this song and hammer out some serious work.

Especially in Michigan by the Red Hot Chili Peppers

It’s just an awesome song. Period. So it’s a great way to rock the end of an awesome work day while traveling home from work.

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