These Holiday Statistics Might Surprise You [Infographic]

These Holiday Statistics Might Surprise You [Infographic]

Holiday Shopping Statistics Infographic

2014 Holiday Shopping Statistics

  • Overall, commerce is predicted to grow 16.6% this holiday Tweet This
  • 23.7% of this year’s total retail sales will be ecommerce driven in the USTweet This
  • 33% of holiday sales this year will happen on a Mobile deviceTweet This
  • Almost 95% of shoppers are compelled to buy because of a saleTweet This
  • 80% of shoppers use more than one device when shopping onlineTweet This
  • 73% of online shoppers use shipping as the initial deciding factor for shopping onlineTweet This
  • Most retailers get an average of 20% of their annual revenue throughout the holidaysTweet This
  • In 2014, mobile shopping over Thanksgiving weekend grew by another 47% from 2013 when mobile shopping was up by 50% over 2012!Tweet This
  • In 2014 66.1 million Americans visited online stores on Black Friday using a desktop computer, an increase of 16% over the previous yearTweet This
  • Although stats for raw mobile traffic are not easily found, IBM reported that mobile traffic grew to 39.7% of all online traffic, an increase of 34% over Black Friday 2012Tweet This
  • Wiser’s analysis indicates that online sales over the 2014 holiday season are going to grow between 8% and 11% compared to 2013Tweet This
  • More than half of retailers told the NRF’s eHoliday Survey that they started working on their marketing plans for the holiday season in June or earlier, with a focus on retargetingTweet This
  • mobile analytics company Netbiscuits found that brand loyalty has been replaced by instant gratificationTweet This
  • 96% of the survey’s respondents said they’re prone to bouncing out of websites that offer poor mobile experiencesTweet This
  • This year, merchants are predicting a return to demand for traditional toys and clothingTweet This
  • It is predicted that 33% of online sales this year will come from a mobile deviceTweet This
  • According to Deloitte LLP online sales will increase by 13.5% this yearTweet This
  • Last year, $46.55 billion was spent on holiday shoppingTweet This
  • 17% less consumers will shop in an actual store this holiday seasonTweet This
  • Cyber Monday sales were up by over 30% from 2013Tweet This
  • Experian states that email is the top marketing for brands at an average of driving 55% of their salesTweet This
  • According to Crowdtap, 64.8% of online users use social media to find gifts over the holidaysTweet This
  • According to the Mobile Marketing Association, mobile devices are said to impact 87% of all holiday shopping this yearTweet This
  • 64% of Twitter survey respondents said they have bought something due to something they saw on TwitterTweet This

2013 Holiday Shopping Statistics

  • Online sales continued to grow 12% year over yearTweet This
  • The Mid-West are the quick clickers with an online sales growth of 16% over California’s growth of 6% and New York’s growth of 2%Tweet This
  • Mobile shopping grew by a whopping 50% in 2013Tweet This
  • According to Google, 26% of shoppers bought a product by first searching for itTweet This
  • According to Google, 15% of all holiday shoppers clicked through from an emailTweet This
  • 66 million people shopped online for 2013 Black FridayTweet This
  • 1 in 5 holiday shoppers in the US and UK did ALL of their holiday shopping onlineTweet This
  • 84% of Americans did at least some of their shopping onlineTweet This
  • Over 4 million people tweeted about Black Friday in 2013Tweet This
  • Cyber Monday sales grew by 55.4% from 2012 to 2013Tweet This

Holiday Shopping Takeaways!

Tablets and mobile devices are on the rise, make your website responsive!Tweet This

Much of your success depends on being prepared early.  Most shoppers start their holiday shopping between September and November.Tweet This


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