The Other Side of Instagram they Haven’t Told You About

The Other Side of Instagram they Haven’t Told You About

The Other Side of Instagram they Haven’t Told You About

Have you ever wondered whether Instagram has a shady side? Taking it at face value, you could think that no such thing exists. Perhaps you could say, as most of the users argue, that no one has been forced to stay online. Please think again. It could be you in the near future that is affected by this dark side. No one is ever 100% safe.

As you go about your ordinary day, liking and commenting on posts, there is someone else somewhere who is on the verge of quitting Instagram. As strange as it might seem, it could get that bad for you unless something changes. Below are some of the things that make people rethink the whole idea of social media – Instagram included.

  1. Cyber Bullying

This is the oldest and most common problem on social media. It can be caused by people both knowingly and also unknowingly in some instances. Hateful comments, body shaming, abusive language, racism, and many others have become a norm on Instagram. Some of your real Instagram followers, or even you yourself, may have seen, participated in, or been a victim of the same.

Many have argued that you can avoid bullying by staying offline. Until you have seen the effects of cyber bullying on someone, you may want to consider rethinking such statements. Negative comments have sent some people down very dangerous paths. Mental health issues, like anorexia and bulimia nervosa, are potential results from such activities. We’ve all heard of instances of people committing suicide because of hatred spewed online as well.

  1. Deception

Although considered a minor vice, this is the other dark side of Instagram and other social media platforms. With the possibility of editing locations, using Photoshop, and filters, most Instagram posts nowadays are not entirely genuine. It feels so uncomfortable knowing your friend is not doing what they are posting online.

Showing off, or fronting, as urban youth refer to it, has become a norm. You may have seen some posts from people trying to pass off some doctored images as real on your timeline. Users, in many such cases, are only trying to match the false standards that are set by some individuals. Individuals who may themselves be unable to attain such standards in real life.

  1. Sensuality

Instagram accounts run by video vixens, socialites, and models have one thing in common; they are there to objectify the user. This drives the users to post sensually seductive photographs, some revealing their cleavage and abdominal muscles, in order to get more likes and shares. In effect, random people end up seeing more than what they may have signed up for when joining Instagram.


While Instagram is a good application for socialization, some people use it in not-so-great ways. This may result in some dangerous, and in some cases fatal, effects. Therefore, it is important for people to use this social networking site in moderation for a better society. Your contribution, though small, adds up and can contribute to significant collective effects.


Maria Jones
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Maria Jones is a blogger for The Richest. She has published many articles on social media topics. You can be part of her ever-growing number of real Instagram followers for more insight.