SocialPro Conference Recap with a “Tweet Repeat”

SocialPro Conference Recap with a "Tweet Repeat"

SocialPro Conference Recap with a “Tweet Repeat”

Marketing Land held its first ever SocialPro Conference in Las Vegas on November 18-19 where social media professionals gathered to discuss the latest news, trends, and topics affecting businesses big and small.  Sadly, many who would have benefit from the wealth of knowledge found at this conference could not attend. But, have no fear! 

Kelly Shelton, VP of Marketing at Boostability, tweeted out his favorite noteworthy highlights from the event.

You can read his collection of Conference Tweets and get insights from industry experts that you can use in your own business. Let us know what you think of these highlights in the comments section.

Kelly Tweet,  influencer, 10:40 Kelly Tweet, YouTube, 12:00 Kelly Tweet, Linkedin Update, 12:11 Kelly Tweet, sponsored Linkedin, 12:15 Kelly Tweet, 52% pinterest, 12:28 Kelly Tweet, 70% pinterest, 12:33 Kelly Tweet, Instagram, 12:42 Kelly Tweet, videomarketing, 12:57 Kelly Tweet, 150 times, 1:43 Kelly Tweet, 41%, 2:39 Kelly Tweet, mobile tech, 2:41 Kelly Tweet, Mobile Shift, 2:51 Kelly Tweet, Educate-Reinforce-reintroduce, 3:25 Kelly Tweet, social Posts, 3:34 Kelly Tweet, twitter, 4:32 Kelly Tweet, sahilio from twitter, 5:16 Kelly Tweet, Kmullett, 6:31 Kelly Tweet, Jewel of social media, 12:07 Kelly Tweet, Blogging on LinkedIn, 12:09 Kelly Tweet, company page, 12:14 Kelly Tweet, views on YouTube, 12:35 Kelly Tweet, grow on YouTube, 12:40 Kelly Tweet, Content, 2:32 Kelly Tweet, Subscribe, 2:51 Kelly Tweet, media ads, 3:12 Kelly Tweet, BuzzSumo, 4:28 Kelly Tweet, LastPass, 4:34

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