Snippets for List Pages

Snippets for List Pages

Google sends out thousands of changes a year into their algorithm, always trying to improve user interactions.

The latest is a change to your search results. Those that are within the SEO know that a Meta Description is what you usually see underneath the name of a website. Google is changing the Meta Descriptions, depending on your type of business.

Google has mentioned there are going to be changes to where the meta description might be bullet points or something else depending on the actual search. Like the image shows, if you are searching for an outlet store, it will give you bullet points of different locations. It is rather interesting and exciting that these meta descriptions are getting more customized.

This is a small update that they are bringing about, and as always we will strive to keep you posted on all of the changes Google makes. Let us know what you think of this change and if it is going to affect your business. Thanks!

Jordan Colton
[email protected]