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The Ultimate Guide to Construction SEO

In the world of construction, you know all about building something that will last. Your website can be the same thing. Every construction company, contractor, handyman, etc., needs to have a website. Word of mouth is great, but a website is how people are finding construction companies today. And when you have a website, you need SEO. Construction SEO helps people find the kinds of service you offer and specialize in, in your area.

What is SEO?

SEO is the process of increasing website traffic through improvements in visibility on a search engine results page. You can improve your visibility through various methods that many SEO companies offer. SEO focuses solely on natural or organic results. An SEO campaign is fulfilled differently depending on website, audience, competition and niche. For small business SEO services, on-site and off-site optimizations are important to recognize. This means that you need to take into account both your website and influences not on your website. While it’s not the only component in a marketing campaign, SEO is a vital player to be successful in digital marketing efforts.

Is SEO for Construction Companies Necessary?

We know what you’re thinking. How do SEO and construction companies fall into the same category? While SEO isn’t something that’s typically associated with this kind of industry, it’s needed now more than ever. Word of mouth just isn’t cutting it nowadays as the sole way to market construction companies. In today’s age of digital convenience, implementing SEO for construction companies is vital. Utilizing SEO helps companies become more reputable and recognizable within the industry and against competitors.

How Can Construction Companies Benefit from SEO?

Increase Local Presence

Adding your construction company to a variety of SEO resources and services can help boost your local presence. Different ways to help improve your construction SEO could be adding your construction company to different local business directories, have ongoing SEO consultation services, utilizing keyword research, and writing custom content. These local SEO services, including many more, can be crucial to your rankings and understanding the importance of local SEO.



Expand Your Reach

Like we mentioned above, word of mouth nowadays can only bring you so far in this growing digital age. Adding SEO to your construction company’s marketing strategy will help your company reach out farther than ever before. While focusing on a certain audience, implementing SEO will help attract new customers who search for the services you offer. Attracting new customers while building on your existing clientele is what we like to hear.



Attract Qualified Business

While expanding your reach in finding new customers, attracting qualified business leads is also a great benefit from construction SEO. One beneficial way of doing this is by adding the right construction SEO keywords. By adding the right keywords, your company can attract qualified leads that are aligned more with your company standards.



Sustainable Growth

While SEO doesn’t happen overnight, there are more sustainable growth options that SEO gives. It’s cheaper in the sense you don’t have to pay for ads. Adding the right SEO strategies takes time and effort. Unlike ads, these SEO strategies don’t go away over time. The more you build up your construction SEO over time, the more it tends to be sustainable and affordable for in the long run.

What Do Construction SEO Services Look Like?

1. Understanding Your Business and Industry

Construction can cover a variety of services and tasks. From building offices or homes, to your general handyman and contractor, construction covers a lot. So the first step is to identify what you really need to rank for online. Do people search for “home contractor” or “cabinetry in my city”, or “store building construction company”. You first need to really identify who you will be servicing. Then it’s easier to start to optimize your website.



2. Researching Keywords for Construction Companies

That research and understanding into your business, industry, locations, and audience proves crucial for this next step. This is where you research keywords for your construction website. Keyword research is a foundation for SEO.



Keywords for construction companies can include things like: cement laying, dry wall, general contractor in Salt Lake City, or handyman in Wichita. These are very specific keywords that describe your business, what you can do, and where you do it in. SEO for construction companies then inserts those keywords in strategic places on your website that can then help you bring in more site visitors and hopefully more leads.



3. Create Valuable & Informative Content

Once you have your keyword research completed and SEO strategy in place, it’s time to start working on valuable content on your website. This is where you insert your keywords to attract more visitors. Keywords and content are the base of your SEO strategy. This is where you tell people about what you do, where you do it, and why you’re the best at it.



Google also rewards people with strong E-A-T on their websites. That’s Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trust. Create content that helps people understand what you do. Give them tutorials on how to put up drywall, or how to make sure concrete is level. Give explainers on how to choose the right construction company for their project. Show your expertise and authority on your industry. That builds trust with Google and your customers.



4. Build Authority with Links

Once you have good content, you can continue to build on your SEO strategy by building out quality backlinks that help to build your website’s authority with digital votes of confidence sprinkled across the web.



It’s crucial for your business to stay active and connected to your industry, and you do that by placing active links back to your website in places like industry sites, guest posting, business directories, and other blogs or websites. As you demonstrate your expertise, people are more likely to share your content, or link to it on their own websites. Link building is another crucial step in the SEO process for your construction company.

What Should You Look for in a Construction SEO Provider?

Successful Track Record

When looking for an SEO provider, it’s important to seek out a provider that has a successful track record. Finding an SEO provider that aligns with your construction company will help grow your construction SEO strategy. Looking into SEO providers reviews and case studies is one way to look into an SEO provider’s track record.



While it’s important to read into resources that relate to your construction company, look into other industries and how an SEO provider works with them as well. Finding an SEO provider that’s successful in a variety of industries shows a lot of credibility and value. When your SEO provider showcases successful SEO services through multiple small businesses, besides your own, it helps give insights into the future possibilities of construction SEO.



Understanding Your Goals

An SEO provider should understand a construction company’s goals and execute a productive SEO strategy to achieve those goals. Without setting goals and standards at the beginning of strategizing, there’s nothing to build up to. Having consistent discussions throughout the campaign will help clarify and make things easier on both sides. This also eliminates insignificant tasks and helps better manage time and services towards a construction SEO campaign.



Clear Expectations

Your construction company shouldn’t go into learning about an SEO campaign feeling out of place or unsure of the direction your marketing strategy is headed. Having clear expectations set should be priority so nothing gets overlooked or lost in translation. Having an SEO provider that sets clear expectations helps do away with overpromising and under delivering expectations. Going into an SEO campaign can have a variety of layers. Having clear expectations helps make understanding the process of SEO much easier.



Consistent Communication

Communication is key in any SEO campaign. One of the best ways to strengthen your communication is by communicating consistently. Keeping conversations and discussions open and frequent helps create more of an ease to convey thoughts, questions, or ideas more openly. Consistently communicating helps create trust and keep the client in the loop.




When working with an SEO provider trust is an important factor. One way of building on this trust is through transparency. Doing something that wasn’t promised in a campaign is one way of losing trust real fast. When an SEO provider opens the opportunity to be transparent and open with clients, that’s where real trust is built. SEO providers can be transparent with construction companies through reporting and having access to a dashboard, such as applications like LaunchPad. Giving your company access to view how their construction SEO is functioning helps improve transparency and trust with each other.

The Boostability Approach to SEO for Small Business Construction Companies

SEO can be a lot of work, but it doesn’t mean it can’t be done. But for most construction companies, they focus on working hard and getting the job done; they don’t have time to improve their website all the time. And that’s where Boostability comes in. We do SEO for construction companies every day. We know what it takes to get keywords ranking, to establish a strong link portfolio, and write content that gets you found for your specialties and business focus.



Boostability does the research for your keywords, writes the content, optimizes your website, and lay the groundwork to get your website found. We target the areas that matter most and don’t waste time you could be spending helping your customers and working on a job. Interested in learning more? Visit our small business SEO services page for more information!

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