SEO Tips for Local Business Shopping & Retail

SEO Tips for Local Business Shopping & Retail

SEO Tips for Local Business Shopping & Retail

If you wanted to buy a television 25 years ago, how would you have begun your search? You would have gone to a nearby electronics store, one that you saw on your morning commute or in an advertisement. You would have browsed through a dozen or so models. You may have asked a salesperson a few questions, but you likely would have chosen the model that best fit your needs and price range and made that purchase on the spot.

Today, the buying process has completely changed. 81% of consumers perform online searches before they even visit a store. Potential buyers have thousands of options at their fingertips. What makes your business stand out from all this competition?

With a local business listing, you can provide enough information so you come out on top when potential consumers research your business. Read on to learn why local listings matter and which details people want to see when they search.

  • 81% of consumers search online about products before going to a store. Twitter bird icon
  • 58% of consumers visit a business’s Facebook page before buying. Twitter bird icon
  • When looking online, 66% of people are looking for warranty information. Twitter bird icon

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