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No property is perfect. All homeowners will hit a stage where the toilet backs up or where they want to replace their worn-out countertops with luxurious granite. When these homeowners start searching online for help on their next project, you want your business to appear as the perfect choice.

To gain that positive online presence, you need to keep your business listings up to date and include the information your potential clients want. Don’t miss out on the platforms that people search most. The majority of people trust Better Business Bureau to help them find a contractor, with Google and Yelp following close behind as reliable sources.

Continue reading to learn what company details customers want to see on these platforms. (Hint: You can impress your customers by mentioning your experience in these areas.)

  • When searching online for contractors, 63% of people trust the Better Business Bureau. Twitter bird icon
  • 65% of people look for a business’s reputation when looking online. Twitter bird icon
  • Showing up late is one of the biggest annoyances according to Angie’s List. Twitter bird icon

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Zac Nevab

Zac Nevab is a small business owner and has been a contributor to the BoostBlog since June 2011.


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