SEO & Social Media: Facebook

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SEO & Social Media: Facebook

Google repeatedly says that social signals don’t determine ranking. In response, some companies make the mistake of thinking their social media presence doesn’t matter that much. This incorrect idea can lead companies to miss out on huge chances for visibility and website traffic. Google’s algorithms may not directly consider social signals when ranking websites. However, social media activity can still have an indirect impact. Here’s why the popular platform is more important for SEO than you may realize.


Promote Your Brand

Facebook pages are great for promoting your business and increasing your visibility. Many businesses are growing their social media marketing to include other popular platforms. Top choices include LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. However, the fact remains that Facebook has the highest number of users compared to all other social platforms. In fact, with more than 2.3 million active users, Facebook has a big lead over the next most-popular platform (YouTube). Knowing this, don’t underestimate the power of promoting your brand through this free channel.


Garner More Links

For many marketing departments, gaining links is a major challenge. To get external links, you have to get your content in front of a large audience. Fortunately, Facebook makes it easy to do this. As long as your content is interesting, engaging and relevant, it has a good chance of making the rounds on Facebook. Content quality is an essential factor in SEO ranking. Therefore, share relevant, accurate and useful information on Facebook.


Find Your Audience

Even if you have an amazing, revolutionary product, people need to know about it before they can buy it. So, how can you get your product information in front of the right viewers? Here’s a hint: proactively market on the most popular social media platform in the world. It doesn’t matter what you think about Facebook on a personal level. There’s no question that it’s a powerful marketing platform. To reach a huge global audience, make Facebook a key part of your SEO marketing game.


Facebook Marketing Tips

By now, you should have no question about it. It is important to include Facebook in your overall social media marketing strategy. The next step is to optimize your Facebook page. Here are four tips for improving your reach. Get the best results for your business with these steps:

1. Create Your Page

Before you can dominate the competition on Facebook, you need to create an official Facebook page. First, choose between the options “Brand or Product,” “Local Business or Place,” and “Company.” Select the option that best fits your business. It’s important to set your page up properly. That way it becomes easier to convey your message well.

2. Create a Custom Username

When you first set up your Facebook profile, you’ll automatically receive a domain URL that is rather dull. It will most likely include your brand name and a sequence of random numbers after it. You want to make your brand stand out and help customers find you. So create an SEO-friendly custom username (URL) for your Facebook page. Many businesses use their brand name and primary location in their username.

3. Include a Call to Action on Your Page

Once your Facebook page is set up, make sure there is some type of “call to action” button customers can click on. Your CTA should follow SEO tactics and encourage visitors to interact with your company in some way. Facebook offers a variety of CTA buttons. They make it easier for customers to book appointments with you, learn more about your business, shop or contact you.

4. Manage Customer Comments and Reviews

Facebook allows people to communicate immediately with others. Even people in different places and time zones can connect instantly. This has created unrealistic expectations for immediate responses from businesses. When you have an online presence, it’s key to interact and engage with your customers in a satisfying way. This includes responding to comments and answering questions as quickly as possible.

If your business has the ability to respond quickly to comments and reviews, you can allow visitors to post reviews your page. Allowing reviews on your page is an effective way to show off your products and customer service. Resist the temptation to ignore or respond in a defensive way to negative reviews. How you handle unhappy reviewers reveals a great deal. It can show people the quality of your business and how you view customers.


Get Your Facebook Game On

Facebook is a lot like playing Monopoly. It takes a while to get set up. However, if you start out strong, you’re likely to reap impressive rewards for your business. Get a free website analysis from Boostability. Discover your website score and learn how to generate more traffic for your business.

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