SEO Platform

SEO Platform

Most of our blogs have been written for the small local business.  This post I want to write something for our partners and potential partners.  What is an SEO Platform?

When searching for this keyword in Google, I found a lot of sites pushing the term SEO platform.  To these sites it is a tools/dashboard product.  This is something an SEO consultant or Agency can sit down and spend time evaluating and work on a client.  What they really have is an SEO Workspace.

When I think of platform I think of scalability.  How many customers can be managed.  How many bodies are needed to support these customers.  Can any of these Agencies support 100 clients, how about 1,000, now lets talk about 100,000.  I wouldn’t attempt to use any of these SEO workspaces to do it.

While working at my previous company I spent a lot of time looking for a SEO Partner that could help us with our immediate needs to scale.  I found no one that fit into the requirements.  We only needed to support up to 3,000 clients at the time.  That is when I decided there needed to be a real SEO platform available for small and large agencies.

When starting Booostability I had to keep these things in mind.

  • Scalability
  • Quality
  • Cost
  • Talent
  • Consistency
  • Transparency
  • Technology
Boostability solves all those issues above.  I show this list to many different people and they relate to every item.  Some of the above pain points are more painful than others depending on your situation.
We don’t automate the work,  employ spamming methods or outsource to cheap low quality labor overseas.  The work is done by real people using our technology.  Now we can service a local business at an affordable price and still make a difference in a local online marketing campaign and we can do it for 100,000 customers.
Travis Thorpe
[email protected]