SEO Myth: DMOZ Will Increase My Ranking Faster Than My Competitors

SEO Myth: DMOZ Will Increase My Ranking Faster Than My Competitors

Directory submissions is one of the ways that we do link building here at Boostability. We find it to be a quick and effective way to help build links for your small business. For a long time, it has been a great part of our SEO campaigns and we still consider it to be so. For a very long time, the most popular online directory has been DMOZ.


DMOZ is an open source online directory that is a lot like an online white pages. Most directories are used in the same manor. A new website is submitted to them and is categorized either by the submitter or an editor for the directory. Rather than going through a search engine to find your site, potential clients and customers can find it through online business directories like this one. Search engines such as Google and Bing will crawl these directory sites to find new websites to add into their system.

For a long time, people have believed that submitting their website to DMOZ will give them the upper hand to others within their industry to increased rankings on the search engines. While submitting here can be helpful, it isn’t the only directory you should list your site on. A few web hosting companies (which I will not disclose the names of ) charge customers exhorbitant amounts of money to have their website submitted to DMOZ. Sadly, many small businesses will believe that this is a smart way to spend their money.  I am here to tell you that that is not true.  While DMOZ is a great site, having your site submitted to just one directory is not going to give you that much of an advantage to other competitors.

So, is it true that submitting your site to DMOZ will increase your ranking? Yes, but it will not have as big of an impact as other SEO tactics that we use, including link building.  With the implementation of the Google Panda update, you will want to be sure that directory submissions are not the only method that you use to increase your ranking. Unique and relevant content is still key.

Jordan Colton
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