SEO Myth: Buying Links Deems Greater Rankings

SEO Myth: Buying Links Deems Greater Rankings

Most businesses that want to increase their search engine rankings, and they want to do it quickly. The method that they seem to think is going to be the best is to buy links. What does it mean to buy links? Buying links is where you go to a seller online and pay a specified amount, and people will build links on their websites promoting your sites.

Initially this is going to see your rankings grow fairly quickly after they have been crawled by Google, and you will find a spike in your rankings. The catch though is that Google is more than likely going to find that this is what you are doing, which to them is cheating the system, and they will more than likely punish you for it. Your rankings will drop, as well as your traffic and revenue.  Here is an example of what is more than likely going to happen if you fall into this trap:

This is just a small simple example of what can happen to your rankings. Take into consideration that this is before the Google Panda update was fully implemented.  As you can see there was a huge spike for the beginning of this year, which is great initially, and probably brought a lot of possible leads and clients, but that rise in traffic more than likely dropped because of the paid links that were the majority of the SEO work done on them. Once Google found this out, their rankings dropped with the kind of traffic that decreased into the summer months.

That is a big problem for a lot of people who choose to go for a more “black hat” route of SEO. Short term results, and long term pain of trying to get back up to where they once were.  It is sad to see that many small businesses may want to try this method. If you see or hear of a method that promises “increasing rankings in no time flat,” always be cautious.  More than likely it’s not going to give you the long term results you are seeking. Consult an SEO professional and see what opinions they have on the method. Here is a quick article from Bing that talks about this kind of thing as well.

What kind of other methods have you heard about? Anything you might want to know is a good strategy or not? Post it here in the comments and lets talk about it!

Jordan Colton
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