Prove Your Worth

Prove Your Worth

Let’s say that you are an expert in your field, which happens to be woodwork (which is a very rewarding field from what I have heard), and you have been in this industry for 20+ years. You started when you were young, taught by your father, who was taught by his father, etc. ¬†Everyone in town knows you are the man (or woman) to go to when they want a specific type of cabinet or other handmade piece of furniture, or have a question about woodwork.

You specialize in hand made coffee tables. Your design is very modern, but is not as expensive as other modern tables out there, and you want to expand your business to more than just the small town you are in. This is a grand idea! You want to start your online presence with some SEO with a website that you have built and are ready to get going! But there is one problem. Out in the world of the internet, you are totally new and no one knows how much experience you have. You need to somehow prove your worth, and show that you’re an authority.

SEO is a great way to do this. It’s something that I believe every small business should do, and a major part of that is proving your worth, not just to search engines but also to those that visit your site. ¬†We have mentioned on this blog before about social media, and I was just reading an article on a study done on the impact of social media to SEO.

Twitter is a big player in this field. Tweeting updates about your business, things you are doing, and what new announcements you have can be a big selling point for a lot of people. What was done in this study was looking at the difference of having a profile picture on your account or not. Just a small little change, and it showed some staggering results:

This is the difference in followers in the study that he did. It is just staggering to me how much of a difference that makes in showing authority. Showing who you are, and that you are a real person makes a big difference. This coincides with the last blog I posted talking about how claiming authorship is going to be such a big factor in authority and increasing your SEO value. People notice, and it is going to prove to them who you are, in woodwork or any other industry.

Jordan Colton
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