Promoting Your eBook Using Twitter

Promoting Your ebook on Twitter

Promoting Your eBook Using Twitter

If you have recently published an eBook, then chances are you are looking for ways to increase its exposure. And while there is an array of different methods to consider, few have the promotional capabilities of the social media platform known as Twitter.

Twitter has more than 300 million active monthly users, and by implementing the correct marketing techniques, you can bring your eBook to a large audience. Here are some tips to consider when promoting your eBook using Twitter.


If you are familiar with Twitter, then you may already be aware of the power of the hashtag. But have you ever considered it for the promotion of your eBook? Attaching a hashtag to a phrase, such as #eBook, will increase the chances of the phrase show up when someone searches for it on Twitter.

The hashtag can be linked to any word that you would like, but it is best to use one with some relevance to your book. In many cases, attaching a hashtag to the title of the eBook is the most effective means of hashtag usage. However, if the title is long, you may want to consider more succinct keywords.

Free Chapters

There is no doubt that people love free stuff, and this includes eBooks. Of course, you do not have to offer your book at no cost to promote it, but instead, consider releasing a few chapters to pique the interest of potential readers. To do this, post a tweet announcing that you are offering access to selected chapters, and provide links to those chapters.

You may also want to try releasing the free chapters individually over the span of a few weeks. This can keep readers involved and it may cause enough intrigue for them to buy the eBook. By linking to free chapters through Twitter, you will significantly increase the chances that those readers will purchase the eBook.

Post a Link in Your Bio

When you write an eBook it is important to display a link it where it can easily be found by others. When it comes to Twitter, posting a live link in your bio section will ensure that everyone notices it. This can go a long way in inducing users to click the link, which could result in added sales. Furthermore, it is possible to use a hashtag to link the bio, and this will be helpful when displaying your bio.

Paid Advertisements

Perhaps the most powerful means of reaching an audience on Twitter is by running an ad campaign. Using ads for the promotion of your eBook will guarantee that its exposure is maximized, causing it to reach thousands if not, millions of users. One of the greatest aspects of Twitter ads is their ability to be targeted toward specific audiences. This eliminates needless spending on advertisements that are not reaching the right people.

Twitter has two paid ad options that could help eBooks, and the foremost of these is the promoted tweet. With a promoted tweet, the ad will pop up near the top of Twitter searches, depending on the keywords that are targeted. This method is perfect for generating leads, as the chances of users clicking on the link are high. However, it can be costly to run promoted tweets, so you will need to keep that in mind. But if the conversion rate is high enough, then your eBook could be quite successful.

The second method you should consider when promoting your book with Twitter ads is the promoted trends option. With promoted trends, any of those hashtags that you attached to your tweets about your eBook will rank higher on Twitter’s trending list. The foremost problem in using the promoted trends option is the very high cost. If you are considering this option, you will want to establish, and adhere to a budget, so that expenses do not get out of hand.

Get Other Bloggers Involved

With so many bloggers on Twitter, you are sure to find others that have similar interests, and these could be prospective candidates for purchasing your eBook. The key is knowing how to meet these other bloggers and pitch your book to them, without sounding like you are trying to sell them something.

To find those individuals that might be interested in your product, or may be able to help spread the word about it, run some hashtag searches with keywords that are related to the theme of your eBook. Take note of the users that have similar interests or are selling eBooks that they themselves have written.

Once you have found a blogger that you would like to target, start by commenting on one of their posts. You may have to go through this motion a few times, but eventually, a connection will develop, and you can start communicating with this blogger on a regular basis. At this point, you may want to send the blogger a private message explaining the details of your eBook and direct them to the link.

With any luck, the blogger will be interested and, in turn, they will share your link with their audience. Of course, it is good practice to reciprocate this by sharing their info with your followers.

An alternative to directly approaching another blogger is to use a built-in Twitter eBook marketing tool such as MyBlogGuest Ebook Gallery. With MyBlogGuest you can upload information about your eBook, such as the cover photo and a brief description. From there, bloggers will offer to feature your book on their feed. This is one of the most effective and least intrusive ways to promote an eBook through other bloggers.

Pin a Tweet

A way to ensure that the tweet with your eBook information will stay on the top of the feed is to pin it. By pinning the tweet, it will permanently stay on top of your feed so that any user who visits your Twitter account will see the post. This is perfect for new followers who would have missed the tweet if it were not fixed to the top.

Tweetable Quotes

If your eBook is packed with memorable quotes, or perhaps, quotes that you feel symbolize the theme of the book, then you may want to consider tweeting those quotes. It may seem surprising, but a few well-picked words can entice a user to look further into the product. Make a plan to tweet a quote from the book each week, and see how it performs. If the quotes are garnering a lot of attention, then you may want to increase their number.

In Conclusion

There are many great ways to promote your eBook, but few can reach such an expansive audience as that of Twitter. If you are considering using Twitter for promotion purposes, you will want to attach hashtags to relevant keywords or use the title of the book, so that users will be able to find it in the search feed.

In addition, implementing an ad campaign will significantly increase the exposure of your eBook, however, it can be costly, so always have a budget planned out. Furthermore, getting other bloggers involved and posting quotes from the book will help entice users to check out the book. When you are promoting your eBook, consider these tips and you are sure to be met with success.

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