Sun Valley Animal Hospital


Sun Valley Animal Hospital is a full-service vet and animal hospital that has been providing veterinary services to Union County, North Carolina for over 20 years. Located in Monroe, NC, Sun Valley Animal Hospital began a local SEO campaign with Boostability in early 2013.


Because Sun Valley Animal Hospital has been in business for over 20 years, they began the local SEO campaign with some online authority already established. This new campaign focused on the city of Monroe for the first few months, and Boostability was able to establish rankings in the top three positions for multiple phrases. The campaign has since expanded to target a neighboring city for similar keywords.

Sun Valley Animal Hospital is yet another great example of how local businesses can dominate local search results. As a location dependent business, Boostability knew the importance of Yelp reviews and an up-to-date Google Business account listing their location, map address, business details, and real verified reviews.

Optimizing Sun Valley Animal Hospital accounts across several platforms increased local relevancy signals and saw them rise to the first page of Google for a number of local keywords and phrases. Within the space of 2 months, Sun Valley Animal Hospital saw a 400% increase in traffic, and have glowing online reviews on several major platforms that are looked upon highly by Google.