Manufacturing Company


Manufacturing Company is a local nuts and bolts company who started using Boostability’s SEO and Social Media services in order to build their brand awareness and increase their customer reach. Our BoostSocial product has helped them grow lasting and scalable relationships with their customer base while also increasing engagement with new followers.


The Manufacturing Company wanted to increase its online footprint using social media. A large part of their company culture involves interacting with potential clients, customers, suppliers and fans.

After understanding their goals and objectives, Boostability felt that Facebook was the most appropriate channel to help achieve their goals. Using a mixture of organic and paid posting strategies, Boostability increased Manufacturing Company’s Fan page likes from 1.7k to a little over 3.9k fans in a matter of months.

These were not fake fans who never interact with a business, but potential customers who engage with their content. Over that time the brand reached more than 150,0000 people with more a 100 unique post engagements.

Most businesses who use Facebook only receive a few likes per post. Boostability ensured they targeted the right audience using a number of unique content – custom and retargeted. The content was shown to people most interested in their business ensuring the best possible ROI.