iCreatables.com is a leading online resource for all home improvement, maintenance, and repair topics. Google’s algorithm updates negatively impacted iCreatables.com as recently as May 2012. Google’s Panda and Penguin updates were the biggest reasons that iCreatables.com originally started using Boostability’s expertise.


Icreatables is a business that previously used SEO services from an agency that promised high rankings but left them deep down on search results, and with a long list of Google penalties to deal with. As with any penalized website, Boostability started work by running a full website and back-link audit. Through this audit, it quickly became apparent that black-hat methods had been used and were the result of the penalty.

Changes were made and within a few weeks all penalties were removed by Google. Icreatables saw a 220% increase in traffic after the Panda refresh, the updated content saw their bounce rate drop by 7% ,and today they rank for over 483 keywords in the top 50 places in Google.

Improved content on the site and targeted link-building have helped iCreatables.com recover in a matter of months. Not only has there been an improvement on the keywords that Boostability targeted directly, but there has also been a large “ripple effect” with other keywords. iCreatables.com now has nearly 50 keywords ranking in the top 10. Visitors are bouncing less and spending more time on the site than ever before.

“I contacted Boostability and requested their services immediately after the Google search engine released the Panda and Penguin updates… The result of Boostability’s work has been increased traffic to my website, improved onsite content, and higher ranking on the major search engines. I would highly recommend the services of Boostability.”