WHO IS FORKLIFTCERTIFY.COM? is a relatively new online business, but the company itself has more than 15 years of experience providing forklift certification options for individuals and companies of all sizes. came to Boostability with a very small online presence and only a handful of keywords that ranked high on Google. needed authority, links, and site improvements.


Businesses often forget the power of link-building; and how to do it correctly without getting penalized by Google. Creating value-heavy content and using the right mediums for promotion, Boostability managed to generate several high-quality backlinks, which not only increased ForkliftCertify search traffic by 1052%, but also branded their business as an authority among clients and suppliers.

Being in a small but very competitive niche makes it a great challenge for even the best SEO teams to rank websites on the first page. Boostability, using their experience and knowledge, ran extensive keyword research, finding phrases and keywords that contained the most buying intent behind them, and got to work.

Today ForkliftCertify have over 133 keywords that rank in the top 20 positions of Google, with 86% of all targeted keywords in the top 10 search positions. continues to work with Boostability to implement onsite changes to improve the relevance of their site. Boostability continues to engage in an aggressive link-building strategy and maps optimization. now ranks in the top 20 positions on Google for over 130 keywords. Search engine traffic has increased by over 1000% in the last six months.

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