Elves and Angels

Some SEO companies suggest you should target as many keywords as possible, but fail to look at the bigger picture. Boostability understood that Elves and Angels’ most popular items were also their biggest profit makers. Focusing on providing Elves and Angels the fastest possible ROI, the decision was made to focus on their most value intent keywords first.

The results?

They were way above expectation for Elves and Angels who generated over $25,000 in sales during the off-season as a direct result of Boostability’s optimization. SEO isn’t all about ranking for as many keywords as possible; it’s about understanding the intent behind each keyword, and the value it can bring to a business.


Elves and Angels (elvesandangels.com) began as a tiny woodworking shop in Scarborough, Maine. Fourth generation cabinetmaker David Smalley’s remodeling business was at a standstill, and with eight children to feed, he began making heirloom wooden kitchens, cribs, and highchairs. Smalley was disillusioned by the notion of disposability governing society at large. To counter the mentality of “buy it today and throw it away tomorrow,” he decided his business would hold true to his family tradition of providing the highest quality wooden toys that would endure for generations to come.


At the onset of their partnership, Boostability helped Elves and Angels to distill a simple and effective strategy. Narrowing in on the company’s two most popular products, wooden kitchens and dollhouses, Boostability used its understanding of website traffic to select the best keywords to target. As a result, the sales of kitchen sets soared. Typically, Elves and Angels experienced its highest sales in the holiday season between November and January. As a result of Boostability’s strategic SEO work, Smalley’s climbing sales have continued into the offseason.

In 2015, the company has already seen a $25,000 increase from its offseason sales in 2014. Elves and Angels now holds the number-two position on the first page of Google for “wooden play kitchens,” a major jump from its previous spot on the second page of Google’s results for this phrase. In terms of traffic, Elves and Angels went from 37,000 page views in December of 2013 to 197,000 page views in December of 2014, an increase of 432%!

“We have been using Boostability for about a year and a half at this point. We have seen the traffic to our website steadily increase over this period of time and received much help in understanding what needed to be done to increase traffic and sales. Our website was built by someone else, and when we got it, there was much that needed to be done. We feel they have done a good job for us.”