Carter West


Carter West is a California-based boutique law firm specializing in business and corporate law; and specifically in private equities, business securities, and venture funding. The firm serves established and emerging companies, investors, and entrepreneurs. Carter West is dedicated to providing clients with pragmatic, creative, cutting-edge legal advice relevant to the fast-paced business world.


Due to its specialized focus, Carter West relied on word-of-mouth recommendations for the majority of its business. The law firm’s goal in working with Boostability was to drive more traffic to their website. When Carter West started with Boostability in July, 2013, it had zero organic Google traffic. Boostability provided content strategy recommendations using existing keywords and adjustments to meta-tags and website copy. These strategies boosted Carter West’s relevancy scores, and improved visibility on search engines. Since beginning with Boostability, Carter West has achieved a 30% growth in traffic year over year, and the firm has seen steady improvement over the course of two years in organic traffic, impressions, and visibility.

Boostability started work by running an on-site SEO audit and it quickly became apparent that Carter West had no online SEO presence. After identifying locally searched keywords, Boostability went to work on a website that had limited content. Knowing that targeting keywords alone wouldn’t be enough to get prospects to find a page and click on links, Boostability crafted compelling meta descriptions and titles for all Carter West webpages. This process alone directly increased website traffic by 30% for organic searches.