Cardboardboxes4U provides packaging materials and all forms of packaging solutions for commercial, industrial, and residential needs. Cardboardboxes4U came to Boostability needing help with content issues and link-building efforts. Before Boostability’s work the site had a small but tangible online presence, with a lot of room to grow.


Since starting with Boostability, has seen their average monthly organic visitors increase by over 1000 visitors. The company achieved these results by refining and optimizing the website content and implementing an aggressive link building strategy. Throughout the SEO campaign, Cardboardboxes4U has received organic visits from 2900 different keywords. Organic traffic is up 76%.

In such a niche industry, finding highly profitable keywords can sometimes feel like an impossible task. However, using our proven keyword search strategy we managed to find more than 900 keywords – many of them long-tail phrases that had a serious buying intent behind them.

While these keywords were not searched by hundreds of thousands of people each month, being able to target so many keywords allowed us to increase their organic search presence by 76%, and creating high quality content enabled the site to build valuable backlinks increasing their online footprint.

“Boostability has been a wonderful company to work with… Profits are up, and we are in process of increasing staff and infrastructure to field increased traffic and sales to our website.”