Alegria Shoes


Alegria is one of the country’s leading shoe brands. Alegria shoes are designed for those with chronic foot pain, or with lifestyles that force them to be on their feet all day.The brand is a particular favorite with nurses and doctors, who recommend the shoes to co-workers, patients, and friends.

The outsoles of Alegria shoes are uniquely engineered to provide a natural rocker walking motion that reduces pressure on the soles of the feet. Additionally, Alegria shoes are available in a huge variety of styles, including sneakers, boots, and flats. With the product invoking such high levels of customer loyalty and satisfaction, Alegria wanted to increase its online visibility and get in front of more potential customers.


Alegria started working with Boostability in August 2014 with the intent to focus solely on higher rankings through basic SEO e­fforts. After seeing nearly immediate results from these efforts, Alegria expanded its goals and moved forward with further search engine optimization initiatives. As a result, Alegria has seen significant increases in organic traffic, first-page keyword rankings, and visitor engagement.

We started by looking at their current rankings for industry specific keywords, which was then followed by a full on-page optimization of all webpages that resulted in an almost immediate increase in traffic.

There were many pages that didn’t contain the appropriate meta tags or correct heading formats. Some pages had no seed keyword assigned at all. After following our on-page checklist we noticed an upward spike in traffic and then went on to interlink pages making life easier for the Google crawl bots.

Our next step was to do an extensive keyword audit on their industry, website analytics and competitors to find relevant keywords and long-tail phrases to generate further targeted traffic.

Pages were then created with awesome content and traffic steadily grew over the months. Using these methods Alegria increased its organic search results by 35% and saw an increase in revenue after only 4 months. As their pages and links age we expect these numbers will carry on rising.