How to Create Quality Content to Engage Users

How to Create Quality Content to Engage Users

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The Booster Seat: Season 2, Episode 8

Hey there Boosters, I am Andrew Eagar and welcome to another edition of the Booster Seat. Today I would like to discuss quality content. Now, there is a lot to be said about quality content, most of which I don’t have time to discuss in this episode. Today, I want to discuss the top 5 ways you as a webmaster can engage potential customers through quality content.

Now, let’s not forget last months booster seat episode where we talked about “cracking the C.O.D.E of Panda”. That episode was a general overview of quality content as it pertains to Panda, while as in this video, I am going to take a deeper dive into 5 specific ways you can engage customers while using quality content.

So here are the 5 ways.

The first two ways are so related I combined them, Title Tag and Meta Description Tags. Now remember, these are slots 1 and 2, but they are so similar that I am putting them together.

Each page on your website provides you an opportunity to engage your customers through the Title Tag and Meta Description Tag. When written on your website these two tags can be viewed on the Search Engines. This snippet of your website is often the first thing many searchers will learn about your business. You are wanting users to read this snippet and then click to go to your page. To get the most out of these tags, I would answer these questions.

1- Why would a user want to click on your page? Remember, you are competing with 9-15 other pages on the SERP. So, why would they click on your page? Is it because you have a good deal, that your located close by?

Think about what is important for your users.

2- What is the first thing you want your users to know and to see about your business? This could be your personality or your prices.

3- What can you say to compel them in and convince them to click on your website? What action items can you give them? Click here to see our deals or find out more, etc.

Now remember, the Title tag and Meta tags were the first two areas.

The 3rd area is your websites Main Content

Main Content, or the MC of your website is what users read AFTER they have found you. They are hopefully done searching and have found what they are looking for. Do not disappoint your users. They are going to read the first few sentence and scan through a few words before they decide whether to leave your website or to stay. Here are some quick tips on main content.

1- Make the first few sentences count. Make them stay. Engage them at the beginning.

2- Break up the MC using heading tags or bullet list. This will help longer pieces of content not seem so long. Which brings us to our next point.

3- Write a TON! There is no magic number of words for a page, it really depends. Try to explain everything you can about the page topic while keeping the page well organized.

4- Use key phrases that you know your users understand and will re-assure them that they are at the right spot. These can be similar to your keywords you are doing SEO for.

5- And lastly include images as much as appropriate. These really help break up the content.

4th is the About Us Page

There is a lot to be said about the About us page. Here is a link to our blog from Ian Mills on the subject. Ian does a great job in explaining, so I am not going to take to much time on the subject, but in short, the about us page needs these components:

1- Tell your companies story. This can be done through your history, customer testimonials, etc.

2- This isn’t the place to sell people on your product, just your personality

3- Engage with your users, they want to understand you. The About Us page should help your users understand you better.

4- Lastly, include images of staff, office, etc. This helps users relate to you.

Alright, the 5th area where quality content helps engage your users is your business profile description

This content is different from the rest as it is not on your website but is still an important part of engaging users. These are mostly used by local businesses, but can be used for National e-commerce websites as well. The most popular business profile is the Google My Business profile.

Your description here is like the meta tags but instead of just on a single page or concept, it needs to be about your whole business. In general, the profile descriptions allow for a bit more text than what is allowed with your title and description. So use the same guidelines for the Meta Description to help guide you in creating a good business profile description for your business.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this list. Comment below if you know of other ways Quality Content can engage users. Well, that’s it for today’s episode, stay cool!

Andrew Eagar
[email protected]

The Director of SEO Strategies for Boostability, Andrew is an internet marketing enthusiast with several years of SEO Experience. Helping small businesses find success online is passion of his, as is spending time with his family and watching Parks & Recreation reruns.