How To Benefit From Influencers On LinkedIn

How To Benefit From Influencers On LinkedIn

How To Benefit From Influencers On LinkedIn

The Influencer program on LinkedIn contains a group of more 500 of the most influential thought leaders on the planet. This includes not only C-level executives and world leaders, but also entrepreneurs and philanthropists. Of all the Influencers, 49 percent are at director level or above, and 22 percent are entry-level professionals. The content they post on LinkedIn receives, on average, 25,000 page views, 300 likes, and 100 comments.

How Does the Influencer Program Work?

Only professionals who receive an invitation can become Influencers — there is no longer an application process. LinkedIn seeks out experts in subjects its users want to learn more about. The social media site also constantly assesses the Influencers to maintain an active group that contributes to thoughtful content. For these reasons, the group of Influencers is updated constantly throughout the year.

Following Influencers

By following an Influencer, you can receive updates on the latest business developments and new trends, read about different opinions on controversial topics, and join discussions on issues you find interesting or important. You can access all the content Influencers post through Pulse. Whether you leave a comment to spark a new discussion or join in an existing debate, you’ll receive a notification whenever someone responds.

The obvious benefits of following Influencers is that you will learn industry secrets to help you become better at your job or to take your business to a new level. However, reading posts from Influencers will also teach you about what subjects are currently of interest to your audience. If you notice a post is receiving a lot of attention in your network, you may want to use it as a starting point for coming up with ideas for your own content. As well as following Influencers, you can search using discovery modules within LinkedIn, which will send you to content according to the people you follow and the posts you read.

The Most Popular Influencers

If you want inspiration about who to follow, start with some of the most popular Influencers. One example is Bill Gates, who has more than 5,731,00 followers. One of his most read posts has received more than 1.9 million views, 11,000 thumbs up, and 4,000 comments to date.

Another favorite Influencer is Joe Pulizzi, founder of the Content Marketing Institute, who has more than 136,000 followers. One of his top post has received more than 130,000 views, 800 thumbs up, and 200 comments.

Following Influencers gives you the chance to communicate with thousands of people. Even the less-followed Influencers offer rich opportunities to connect with prospects in your niche.

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