SEO Q&A: How Often is Google Crawling my Website? The Booster Seat Season 2 Epiosde 6

SEO Q&A: How Often is Google Crawling my Website? The Booster Seat Season 2 Epiosde 6

SEO Q&A: How Often is Google Crawling my Website? The Booster Seat Season 2 Epiosde 6

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The Booster Seat Season 2 Episode 6

Hey there boosters, my name is Andrew Eagar and welcome to another episode of the Booster Seat. Today I’m going to answer some common SEO Questions. Our first question is “How does Google find the information they display in their Results page?”

This is a great question. Google uses a series of robots or spiders to crawl the web to gather information about given websites. These spiders are very busy as they crawl every website that is created.

When they crawl a website they gather all important information about the website such as content, design, meta tags and other bits of code. When the information is gathered they send the data back to the Search Engine for it to index.

As a side note, Google uses the data collected for your website to compare against other websites to determine who ranks or not. Now, don’t worry about whether your website is being crawled by Google or not. This is a scenario that if you build it, they will come. In this case, if you have a website, chances are Google already knows that you exist and is already crawling your website.

If you want to see if Google has crawled and subsequently indexed your website simply use the “site colon” search in the search bar, as seen here. If your website shows up in the search results then Google has crawled and indexed your site. If your website does not show up in the search results, don’t panic. Just install or check your Google Webmaster Tools to see if there is anything wrong with your website that is stopping Google from crawling or indexing it.

This leads us to our next question. That is, “How often is Google Crawling my Website?”

What a great question.

First off, Google wants the most up to date information possible. This is after all why we all use Google so much right? To get the most up to date information Google may be crawling your website multiple times a day. It really depends on how often you update your website.

For one of my own websites as an example, Google only crawls it once every 3-5 days. This is likely due to the fact that I only update my website but maybe once a year. For a news website like Google likely crawls that website multiple times every minute. This is due to the fact that news website update constantly with timely information.

So, how often is Google crawling your website? Easy, install Google webmaster tools to your website and you can see EXACTLY how often Google crawls your website.

Click on this link below for an article written by our own Kylie Brooks to get more details on Google crawling.

Well, that covers it for today. Stay Cool!

Andrew Eagar
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The Director of SEO Strategies for Boostability, Andrew is an internet marketing enthusiast with several years of SEO Experience. Helping small businesses find success online is passion of his, as is spending time with his family and watching Parks & Recreation reruns.