How Long Does SEO Take? – The Booster Seat Season 2 Episode 3

How Long Does SEO Take? – The Booster Seat Season 2 Episode 3


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Hey there Boosters! Welcome to another episode of The Booster Seat. Today I would like to answer one of the most common SEO questions we receive: “How long does SEO take?” Let’s get started.

First off, the question of how long SEO takes is a great question. It is important for business owners to understand what to expect when it comes to time frames and ultimately budget. To answer this question I am going to skip past the boring “it depends” answer and cut right to the chase. SEO currently takes anywhere from 6-9 months for you to see significant rise in your rankings. Now, I know, you wanted a more specific answer right?

Well, here is how to get your keywords ranked in 4-6 months:

Keyword selection

Not all keywords are created equally. To get keyword ranking in 4-6 months you will want to select moderately competitive keywords. These are keywords that you are relevant for and bring an appropriate amount of traffic. Side note: for a local business to be found relevant for a keyword, that keyword needs a Geo of the same city you are located in

Website optimization

If you want success in a reasonable time frame you need to be willing and able to make appropriate content and SEO-related edits to your website. This includes content, title tags, H1 tags, meta descriptions, internal links and more.

Link Building

Seven years ago, link building was all you had to do to get your keywords to rank. And, many times you would rank in less than 3 months. Well, because of the Penguin update, that dynamic has changed a bit (for the better I might add). Link building is still the #1 needed way to get a keyword ranking. However, much has changed about good link building so make sure you don’t mess this up. In addition, you need to be doing just as much or more link building than your competitors.

Time and Trust

Google ranks websites that they trust. In many cases, trust comes with time. 4-6 months of consistent efforts is adequate time for Google to trust your website for the keywords you are pushing to promote.

These factors are the most useful in getting a higher website ranking in 4-6 months. If you try to change, add to, or takeaway from these efforts you are likely going to extend the time it takes to rank…if you rank at all.

Well, I hope that helps answer the question of how long SEO takes. Please comment below if you have any other questions you would like answered. That covers it for this week. Stay Cool!

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