Holy Search Engines, Batman! 4 Reasons We’re Grateful for Google in 2015

grateful for google 2015

Holy Search Engines, Batman! 4 Reasons We’re Grateful for Google in 2015

Before I started working at Boostability, I don’t think I ever really appreciated just how easy Google made my life. And I’m sure you haven’t thought about it much, either. But this year alone, Google has made significant changes to better serve our needs and to make our lives more convenient.

In honor of the soon-approaching Thanksgiving season, let’s take a look at the reasons we’re grateful for Google in 2015.

A Drumroll for Alphabet

At the beginning of August, Google executives announced a huge change—and I mean gigantic. The company will undergo corporate restructuring and become an umbrella company called Alphabet.

Larry Page, co-founder of Google and current CEO of Alphabet, wrote a letter that explains the entire purpose for this structural change. He said that Alphabet is a collection of companies that strives to prosper through strong leadership, independence, and change. Without these fundamental elements, the company would feel too comfortable in doing well and stay complacent in this mindset.

However, Page, along with business partner Sergey Brin, believes that to stay relevant, the collective needs to branch out and feel a little uncomfortable with the unknown before them. Alphabet encourages its companies (under their own discretion) to develop their own brands and business standing—and all to become better businesses with improved focus.

So as these companies create and develop new products, they learn to take risks and stand on their own. They become fiercely independent as they explore this newfound freedom. And as they shine in the business spotlight, they act as a spark that ignites a wildfire: through their examples, other businesses will follow and grow.

A Round of Applause for the New Logo

By now, everyone’s heard about Google’s simplified logo. The colors remain the same, but the serifs are missing from the font. (Google created a new font called Product Sans specifically for this logo.) And the image has changed from the blue lowercase “g” to a four-colored capital “G.” Google execs stated that the logo revamp—the biggest design deviation in 16 years—represents the need for change to achieve progress.

And with a much simpler design, the company demonstrates the need to be flexible, willing to modify public appearance, and expand outward to grow successfully.

An “Ooh” for the Updated Mobile Algorithm

When you use Google to search for something, an algorithm processes insane amounts of information to provide you with the best results possible. But have you ever noticed that when you use Google on your phone or iPod that the search engine results page (SERP) takes forever to look through? It often seems like the top results are the most mobile-unfriendly sites online.

The company performed an incredibly necessary update to its mobile search algorithm. Now, the algorithm favors mobile-friendly websites and ranks them much higher on the SERP. And since over 60% of Internet traffic is mobile based, the new algorithm makes a person’s mobile experience more impressive. As a result, we won’t have to scroll through pages of links on our phones to find the right information we need.

Thanks, Google, for unleashing #mobilegeddon to make our online experience better!

An “Ahh” for Panda and Penguin

Let’s face it—Panda has needed an update for some time. But this new version has been in the works for almost 10 months, and it’s taken quite some time to roll out. With this new version, websites that implement unique and persuasive content onto their sites will experience the most advantages, including improved search rankings.

Google also announced some great news with Penguin. This program is still under construction, but Google estimates that the new Penguin update should be available soon—though they aren’t revealing exactly when.

With this version of Penguin, Google’s algorithm should work in real time. So if a business’s website was penalized by Penguin, the real-time processing power allows pages to recover much faster than before. Stay tuned into Google’s announcements for more information.

The Honorable Mentions of 2015

#Google released Android Marshmallow, and the update includes battery-smart features and gives you more control with apps! Twitter bird icon

Android Marshmallow uses your fingerprint to unlock your phone and authorize purchases in the Play Store #ThanksGoogle #sweetupdate Twitter bird icon

Google cleared the clutter by deactivating abandoned Google Plus Local Pages and unverified maps listings!

Google created Chrome Custom Tabs to make in-app web browsing faster and easier than ever! #hallelujah #bestdayever Twitter bird icon

Google My Business got a makeover, featuring new navigation, to-do lists, and a simplified dock!

Google’s Phantom update caused a minor stir for SEOers and web page owners this year. #SEO #optimization Twitter bird icon

Google’s new My Account gave users convenient, increased control over ad settings, privacy, and passwords

#GoogleMaps will soon implement an offline feature that gives turn-by-turn directions! Great if you don’t have reliable Wi-Fi or data! Twitter bird icon

Google Collections, Photos, and Hangouts will make Google accounts easier to navigate. #ThanksGoogle #simplify Twitter bird icon

Google Plus introduced its new Collections feature, allowing pages to easily sort and organize content.


What parts of Google are you grateful for this year? Share in the comments below!

Cherie Holland
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