Here’s Why Online Reputation Management Matters Today

Here’s Why Online Reputation Management Matters Today

Here’s Why Online Reputation Management Matters Today

Despite the bravado and confident mentality of the business and entrepreneurial Worlds, no business is an island. Unless, of course, of course, the market can be accurately described as a very well-connected archipelago. Businesses need each other to survive; to create healthy competition; and to evolve and fix the market when it begins to stagnate or gets too comfortable with any one habit, behavior or strategy.

A significant example of the complexity and fragility of relationships and business interests today is the nature of best online reputation management practices. Let’s face it, the amazing invention of the Internet didn’t really change human nature, it only hyper-accelerated the way we communicate with one another. This opened up a host of corporate and business opportunities, such as the ability to market and sell at volumes never before imagined.

However, it also presents businesses with a unique challenge – if they mess up, it can take just hours for a large chunk of their customer base to find out exactly how hard they failed. And worse yet, without the right precautions, or in industries with exceptionally nasty competitors, some businesses may even find themselves on the other end of a smear campaign. Not an expensive one with media crews and professional mainstream press articles, but a hand-crafted Internet-based smear campaign – which is just as effective.

A Good Reputation is Important

Indeed. Quality online reputation management services are so important today that some forward-thinking entrepreneurs and corporate marketing specialists have established that we’ve entered a new phase and age for marketing and customer service. This is a phase in which the classic rules of politeness and customer care commonly found between local shops and their small customer base must be replicated in a modern, Internet-based way.

Companies don’t just have to outrank and outperform one another – as per Convince and Convert.  Now they also have to “outcare” each other.  They need to provide justification for customers to choose them over the competition, because the competition is growing faster than ever via the Internet. That’s why a good online reputation management company in India like Techmagnate is integral to your business.

Negativity Grows

In the past, a scandal or bad experience might affect the opinions of  a handful of people – that one scorned customer’s family and friends.

Then came the Internet, with social networks and review boards, and messaging boards and forums – and it all blew up. A single bad experience can mean a low-star review on Yelp, bad comments on Foursquare, or a rant on Facebook.  This results in higher scrutiny, skepticism, or even outright dislike from thousands of people for a single complaint.

Research shows that negativity grows fairly quickly online – faster than positivity – because that’s human nature, as per NY Times. It’s how we protect ourselves, by remembering what’s bad more than what was good.  Negative reviews are more likely to be expressed and shared online than positive reviews, as per Marketing Charts – and a single negative review can spawn a larger group rant on platforms like Facebook.

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