Grow Your Company From Within With LinkedIn LookUp

Grow Your Company From Within With LinkedIn LookUp

Grow Your Company From Within With LinkedIn LookUp

Let’s face it, LinkedIn is often used by disgruntled employees looking for a new job, or dissatisfied employers searching for new employees, and unless you’ve mastered LinkedIn stalking and check your employees pages regularly enough to realize how often they’ve followed a new company on LinkedIn (one of those things that happens automatically when applying for a new job, unless you uncheck the little follow box), you are likely unaware of any scheming toward greener grasses.  LinkedIn knows their business.  They know what makes people tick as to the when and why of applying for a new a job. That’s why their latest new release includes LinkedIn Lookup!


What is the new LinkedIn update?

LinkedIn Lookup has been described as “the fastest way to find, learn about, and contact anyone at your company, even if you’re not connected to them on LinkedIn.”

Wouldn’t it be great if your business could harness the talents and skills that already exist in your workplace, and boost company morale while growing business?  Combine these efforts and you’ve officially had the same revelation as LinkedIn when they created their new app. The LinkedIn Lookup app presents itself as the key driver in encouraging a “grow from within” culture.

Basically the app, which is available on iOS, Android, mobile web, and desktop, can be used to create a database of all employees within your business. Employees enter a streamlined profile highlighting their experience, job function and expertise, making it easy for co-workers to connect each other.

How do I use LinkedIn Lookup?

As an individual user the first step is to simply download the LinkedIn Lookup app. You will then be able to enter a streamlined profile, entering only relevant information to your current position within an organization.

LinkedIn is still working on providing LinkedIn Lookup to companies so that all employees within the business can be participants.

How will LinkedIn Lookup benefit my business?

1. Eliminates inefficient and ineffective intranet communications

LinkedIn Lookup facilitates communications between co-workers through email, phone, and chat, all from the one platform. Multiple contact lists don’t need to be maintained, and you can contact each other from your desk or away.  There will no longer be a place for employees to hide: “I was out of range,” or, “I didn’t get the message” on internal job openings or changes.

2. Harness existing resources

Employees are one of a business’ most valuable assets and resources. By employing honest and competent individuals you should be well on your way to achieving your goals and targets. Even if your employees lack certain expertise or skills, you can provide training to bring them up to speed.

Key Benefits to LinkedIn Lookup:

  • LinkedIn Lookup allows both employers and co-workers to dig deep within an organization and find suitable co-workers to assist on projects or solve problems.
  • LinkedIn Lookup allows you to search by name, experience, job function, title, or expertise. This means that whether you have met the person or not, with the most limited information, you should be able to find the best possible person within your own company to assist you.

Bringing in external experts, consultants, or new employees can be a costly and time consuming proposition. LinkedIn Lookup can help avoid having to outsource projects, thereby demonstrating a confidence in, and support of, existing employees.

Further, you can limit risks associated with sensitive information by using existing employees rather than introducing external (unknown) participants.

Reinforces a company’s values and branding

Existing employees should already understand a company’s values and brand in way that no external consultant or expert can or will.

By keeping projects in-house these values and concepts will be reinforced and improved.

Whether they realize it or not, employees have a vested interested in ensuring the growth of the company or business. Being able to utilize existing employees who have really bought into the values of the company, and who are committed to a company’s goals (financial and otherwise), will not only benefit the company but, long term, all current and future employees.

Customers will also benefit because a business that understands and is committed to its values and brand will provide superior customer service.

To get started on LinkedIn Lookup, click here. 

Caz Bevan
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Caz is the Founder of Be Impossible marketing agency and Co-Founder of Anhelaré startup advisory. Caz has extensive experience blending business goals and marketing tactics into comprehensive company strategies. Her creative innovation and expertise has helped shape customer experiences and drive continual engagement for a variety of companies and products including Sony Music Entertainment and SpeedTV. Connect with Caz: Linkedin