Great Googly Gratitude – 3 Reasons Why We’re Grateful for Google This Year

Boostability is Grateful for Google

Great Googly Gratitude – 3 Reasons Why We’re Grateful for Google This Year

Take some time to reflect on all the things you’re grateful for as Thanksgiving is approaching. How great it is that we have a holiday where the focus is gratitude (and dietary over-indulgence and football)? We’ve been thinking about all the things we’re grateful for over here at Boostability and in the online marketing world and we came up with three reasons why we’re grateful for Google this year (other than the fact that we love the Google Doodles).

Boostability is Grateful for Google

Google Updates Encourage White Hat SEO Practices

Sometimes the Google updates, especially the bigger ones, can make people nervous about how the update will affect their rankings. Though there is sometimes some recon work that needs to be done following a Google algorithm update, the updates actually help to make the web a better, more useful place.

These new updates encourage good SEO (which is what we’re all about) and penalize Black Hat tactics (which we are NOT about). Some of the more recent updates include Penguin 3.0, which targets spammy links; Pigeon, which improved local search results to improve rankings on appropriately created local sites; Panda 4.0 which rewards high-quality content and penalizes low-quality content; and the Page Layout Update, which penalized sites with too many ads or irrelevant content visible when first entering the site. All of these updates make the Internet a better, more useful place to search and makes us very happy as good websites are rewarded.

Emphasis on Google My Business

Google My Business is the new version of Google+ for businesses. The update makes it easier for businesses to list their information and provide great content and information so that consumers and searchers are easily able to find their businesses on simple searches. Google My Business is a great tool that we love so much, we even wrote a free eBook about it: The Google My Business Guide.

Emphasis on Great Content

In the early days of SEO, content wasn’t as important as tricky backpage coding to manipulate the system. Google quickly adapted and released algorithm updates to ensure that their users are getting the best information by using their search engine. Google found that the way to get the best sites on top is my ranking sites with great content on top. The best information comes from informed, engaging, and relevant content, so Google is rewarding sites that have great content with higher page rankings, all to make sure their searchers are having a good searching experience and will come back to use them again.

Here are a few other reasons to be grateful for Google in 2014:

In 2014…

Google combats digital media pirates with a Pirate 2.0 update. #SaveTheMusic #ThanksGoogle Tweet This

Google releases Penguin 3.0 letting websites know if they’re still on thin ice or not #punintended #ThanksGoogle Tweet This

Google gives the news industry a fighting chance by including more Top Stories in search results #GoogleGratitude Tweet This

Google guts glam by removing authorship photos #nobodyhadgoodphotos #ThanksGoogle Tweet This

Google gives secure websites a boost in search engine results #ThanksGoogle Tweet This

Google promises better content with Panda 4.0, affecting 7.5% of English search queries #ThanksGoogle Tweet This

Google gives gusto to GooglePlus with Google My Business, a one stop shop for managing a Google profile #ThanksGoogle Tweet This

Google links Adwords Express to Google My Business, showing location, extensions, and reviews in PPC ads #ThanksGoogle Tweet This

Google shows and tells all with online reviews, including them on your GooglePlus page #ThanksGoogle Tweet This

Google knows it’s what’s inside that really counts and promotes more SeeInside results in GoogleMaps #ThanksGoogle Tweet This

Have more Great Googly Gratitude? Share what you’re grateful for in the comments below.

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