Grateful For Google 2016 Edition

Grateful For Google 2016 Edition

Grateful For Google 2016 Edition

Several times per year I’ll wake up to a new Google update and my first reaction is ….


I’ll jump out of bed, put on the first creased shirt and trousers I can lay my hands on, run down the stairs knocking down whoever’s in my way, jump into my car and head to the office.

I put the whole marketing team on CODE RED, and once I have my first morning coffee, my rational senses re-join me, and I start to calm down.

As someone who stays up to date on the latest Google changes (if you’re reading this, I’m sure you do too), a Google update or algorithm change is a great thing. This is because, while our competitors are completely clueless about what’s happening, we can make changes right away, increasing our visibility in the search and giving us the upper hand.

Here are the 3 things I’m grateful for this year, #ThanksGoogle.

Google Penguin works in real-time

Google Penguin is the algorithm used to detect spam websites and stop them from manipulating the rankings. Until recently, the Penguin algorithm would need to be refreshed manually, meaning spam websites could rank high in the search for long periods of time before being caught.

The new update (September 23rd) states that Penguin now works in real-time, and websites buying links or hitting spam signals are affected almost immediately.

Google Possum (impacting local and map results)

An unconfirmed update that had the marketing world going crazy was the Google Possum update. This algorithm shift impacted local and map listings, filtering out spam listings and providing a better search experience for users based on location.

You can learn more about the Google Possum update here and here.

(Another) mobile-friendly update

My favourite Google update was in March 2016, when it was announced Google would roll out a new mobile search update helping searchers find what they are looking for regardless of their device.

What I liked most was when they said:
“If you’ve already made your site mobile-friendly, you will not be impacted by this update.”

As all my websites and my clients’ websites are already mobile-friendly, we’d not been affected, which is always good news (and I didn’t have to knock anyone down the stairs).

To see if your website is mobile-friendly and whether you are affected, check out Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test.

Here are a few other reasons to be grateful for Google in 2016

Google announces their latest smartphone Google Pixel #ThanksGoogle

Google removes right-column ads in AdWords, increasing organic and paid listing CTRs #ThanksGoogle

Google allows you to add calendar events to the Google Maps app #ThanksGoogle

Google launches their own Wi-Fi router to blanket your home with Internet #ThanksGoogle

Google Home (Speaker) aims to compete against Amazon Echo #ThanksGoogle

Google Chromecast Ultra allows you to stream up to 4K Ultra HD through your Wi-Fi network #ThanksGoogle

Google introduces #Daydream, its first virtual reality platform built on Android #ThanksGoogle

Don’t own an Apple device? Then download Google Duo. It’s a free video streaming service to compete with Apple FaceTime #ThanksGoogle

Which was your favourite (or not so favourite) Google news update in 2016?

Colton Miller
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