Google Places, where will I end up?

Google Places, where will I end up?

Google Places, where will I end up?

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You may have noticed that Google has made some important changes recently to how local listing shows in the search results. In order to help you keep up with the ever changing Internet marketplace we wanted to see if we could explain the new results and clear up any misunderstandings.

If there are any changes in the algorithms that determine which sites show up first and which don’t, Google isn’t talking; and from what we can see the changes are so far limited to the way in which results are displayed.

In the past, results of a search were displayed in one of two ways which we will call “local” and “web” results. Local results were displayed as the old Google Maps “7 pack” results listed before organic results in the center column of the results page. Web results were listed as simple organic listings without a map. Those were the good old days.

Those two results pages still exist for appropriate result sets, but now there things have gotten complicated. With the expansion of the Google Places project a new result page format which we call “mixed” results is being used more and more frequently.

Mixed results are a unique blend of Places profiles or Google Maps little “pushpins”, with standard organic results. The sites that benefit from these types of results listings are those with both an optimized website and a well marketed Google Maps profile. Businesses spending too much time on one and not enough on the other will find themselves being pushed down the page by a more well-rounded marketing approach.

The map is now displayed in most cases on the right hand side and interestingly enough scrolls down the page with the viewer. (Bad news for the sponsored links on the right, as they soon find themselves covered up by the moving map.) For businesses properly marketed locally and nationally (like those who have the SEO experts at working hard for them.) this change will be only a new way to be seen by lots and lots of customers.

Mike Maurin
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