Google+ has Games!

Google+ has Games!


With the new social network Google+ working on getting more users and optimizing their features, we now have one more reason to join the fold! Google+ has now introduced games into the mix. As a lot of people who spend the majority of their time on Facebook will tell you, games can be a major factor in using and interacting with friends.

According to a recent study done on Facebook, the average user playing games is a 43 year old woman. To me that is a surprise, as well as something that might be of interest to a marketer. Depending on the market that you are trying to reach, going with a social media campaign is probably going to give you some amazing results. Maybe you will want to implement a game within your campaign depending on your budget. There are a lot of potential possibilities.

Another great feature on Google+ is that since you are using circles to break up your friends and associates, you can be much stricter on who gets a status update on a game you are playing, so as not to annoy those who are not interested.

As more and more updates continue on Google+, we will be sure to keep you informed. Google+ looks more and more like a viable option and great place to market and improve your overall SEO.

Jordan Colton
[email protected]