Facebook Image Sizes [Infographic]

Facebook Image Sizes [Infographic]

Having correctly sized images on your business’s Facebook page is essential in maintaining a professional, credible appearance. Often times, a potential customer’s first impression of your business will come from your social media, so make sure you’re making a great first impression! It’s also important that your images show up in proper format across your social media accounts in order to keep your branding consistent. Sometimes, however, it can be difficult to keep track of all the right sizing dimensions for different images on Facebook – that’s why we’ve provided you with the Facebook image sizing cheat sheet below!

  • Cover photo (820×312) – This is the largest photo and will act as a backdrop for your page. Since this image is very large and wide, it is especially important to have the correct size in order to avoid blurry, stretched, or awkwardly cropped imagery.
  • Mobile Safe Area (640 x 312)
  • Profile picture (320 x 320, displayed at 160 x 160) – This image will be attached to any comments that you make throughout Facebook, so make sure it represents you well!
  • App photos (111 x 74) – If you have an app, these photos will help potential customers to see how your app looks.
  • Photo gallery thumbnails (161 x 161) – While the actual size of these photos will be larger when a user clicks on them, in the photo preview section they will appear as smaller thumbnails.
  • Video thumbnails – (1200 x 675) – Similar to the photo gallery thumbnails, video preview thumbnails will be smaller than the actual video size.
  • Shared images (504 x variable height, recommended upload 1200 x 628) – These images will appear on your wall and in the news feed as they are shared. The max width is 504, but the height will depend on the height of your image.
  • Shared videos (minimum width 600 pixels, use a 4:3 ratio and portrait mode) – Videos that are shared on your wall and news feed will appear in this size.
  • Shared links (474 x 249, displays as 560 x 292 on smartphones, recommended upload 1200 x 628) – These are images that are pulled in from links that you share.
  • Event/Like ads (470 x 174 display, recommended image upload 1200 x 444) – If you’re paying for Facebook like ads or event ads, make sure you’re getting your bang for your buck by using the right image sizes, otherwise your ads will be cut off!

facebook images size cheatsheet


This post was originally published August 2016 and was updated in February 2018.

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