Often in business, you hear the term “scalable”. It can apply to a business model. I can mean how a business grows. Scalable can refer to a product or to a relationship with a partner or vendor. It’s very flexible. But scalability in business is crucial to achieve lasting growth and sustainability for customers. 

In a quote from Entrepreneur.com, “Scalability is one of the most important factors for entrepreneurs considering starting a new business or hoping to take a current business to the next level. Successful business growth depends on a scalable business model that will increase profits over time, by growing revenue while avoiding cost increases.”

Boostability built the biggest full-service SEO company in the world through a 100% scalable fulfillment model. This enables us to service over 30,000 active clients. And we give the same level of high-quality SEO tasks and services to every single one of them.

Let’s explain how this works.


What is scalability?

Essentially scalability for a business means a business or a system can easily adapt to increased workload or demand. It means that when more people start coming to a business, they can take on the work without slowing down production or activity level. It also means that you don’t have to broaden the scope of your business just to take on additional clients. It’s essentially adding more resources to your business that doesn’t increase the overhead cost more than the additional revenue you will bring in.

True scalability isn’t always easy to accomplish because not all businesses have that kind of a flexible business model. For example, all products come from one warehouse. But to start to move in that direction, businesses must remove redundancies and cut out things that might not be helping the big picture. Often this is part of production or implementation within a business. 

Most of the time, a scalable business model comes through the adoption of some form of technology. Whether that’s automation or a software program. Technology can seem intimidating because of the potential for high initial costs. But it can ultimately help a business scale in a big way down the road. That’s how many technology-based companies are able to grow so quickly. 

Some processes just don’t need to happen in order to accomplish the work. Or if your business is more service oriented, figure out ways to automate the process without adding labor hours. Sometimes this is just supplemental revenue generated through looking at alternative ways of doing business. Trying new things you might not previously have thought about can completely change your business model. It’s important to always try new things that could help impact your business for good. 


What’s the alternative?

The opposite of a scalable business model are models rooted in the same sales-cost growth relationships. Sales increase, but costs remain the same for production. Generally, production remains the same even if demand increases.

There’s different ways to get around that. It involves increasing manpower and upping production levels. That generally leads to increased cost and can raise the cost of the production which then gets passed to consumers. But not always. This model can work very well for some, but doesn’t normally achieve the level of exponential growth seen for a scalable model. 


How does scalability apply to SEO?

A scalable SEO model means we can take on thousands of clients at a time and still perform the tasks with excellent quality and results. We’re able to do this through teams of SEO specialists who focus on these tasks and become experts at them. Everything from link-building, to keywords, to business directory outreach, and content creation, a scalable model means you have experts at every step of the way working on your SEO campaign. 

The scalable model also works throughout the company in customer service, sales, and marketing. When you have specialists in every position, people can take on these extra tasks because they already know how to do it well. In customer service, our SEO experts know how campaigns work. And because we have a proprietary software called LaunchPad, they can go in and see all the steps taken for a campaign and know what needs to be done next. LaunchPad helps us make data-driven decisions that take out the human guesswork face in many tech companies. We know the strategies we implement will help our customers succeed in their online goals. 

Scalability is something that has helped Boostability grow rapidly to serve over 100,000 small businesses across 15 countries over the past 10 years. It’s how we’re able to fulfill SEO tasks for all our clients with the same high-quality service for every single one and continue to grow as a company.