The holiday season is upon us once again. Christmas decor is already popping up in retail stores, pumpkin spice lattes are in full circulation, and it’s time to get serious about your gift planning.

You may already know what you want to get for your best friend or significant other, but what about the marketers in your life?! Don’t stress, we’ve got your back. From the hive mind of our marketing team, here is a holiday gift guide for marketers–with a few gifts your special marketer will likely appreciate!

Desk entertainment

Desk toys? Really? Yes. As marketers, sometimes our brains are “on” and we can get through our work with ease. However, at other times we need to take a break and let ideas and information marinate.

During the down times, it helps to have something else to do. Desk toys such as a Rubik’s cube, a stress ball, an adult coloring book, darts, a tiny zen gardenmagnetic balls, Newton’s cradle balancing balls, or even a fidget spinner can all provide a temporary distraction.

desktop zen garden
Source: Pinterest

Helping a marketer relax and take a break can help them recharge and go back to work with a renewed focus and perspective.

A coffee fix

If there’s one thing most marketers have in common it’s a love for coffee. Marketing can involve long hours of work on a computer and coffee provides a much-needed boost.

While a $4 to $6 treat from Starbucks might be nice from time to time, most marketers go the economical route of buying coffee buy the bag and brewing it themselves. So you can take a few routes with this idea. You could get your marketer:

  • A gift card to Starbucks (or their favorite coffee spot) so they can treat themselves.
  • A supply of their favorite coffee by the bag.
  • A gift basket which incorporates coffee and other goodies like snacks and a mug or thermos.
holiday coffee basket
Source: Home Security

Choose the one that best suits your budget and recipient.

A spa treatment

Ahhh…a spa treatment. The marketing life is one that is fast-paced and always changing. You have to research and hustle to stay a step ahead of your competition. While exciting and fun, it can also be taxing.

Show the marketer in your life some love by gifting them a relaxing day at the spa. The person can go and completely unwind with a full body massage. A little pampering can help them to recharge and go back to the marketing world refreshed.

They’ll love you for this!

A portable charger

A portable charger for phones and other electronic devices can ensure marketers are never cut off from their work (unless they want to be). When a device dies at an inopportune time, it can be detrimental to a marketer. This gift will ensure they are always connected.

coke phone charger
Source: Phone Arena


Music is a game changer for marketers. It can help to improve focus, mood, and productivity. However, it’s not free. Whether your marketer is on team iTunes or team Spotify (or some other service), they likely pay for their music on an ongoing basis.

Help reduce their costs with a gift card for their music provider of choice. If you don’t already know which they use, you will have to do a little subtle research.

They will be sure to appreciate this thoughtful gesture.

High-quality headphones

We already touched on the importance of music. To get the most out of your music, you need high-quality headphones.

Nowadays, you can get headphones with advanced technology which make music sound great while canceling out other surrounding noise. The marketer can say goodbye to distractions from around the office and hello to a better work environment.

beats by dre
Source: Beats by Dre

My personal favorite? Beats by Dre headphones (hint hint…)

Lunch gift card

Does the person in your life have a favorite lunch spot? Eating out can quickly get expensive, especially if you are doing it five days per week. Help your marketer save money by treating them to lunch. Find out what spots they enjoy for lunch and get them a gift card to a place or two.

Funny marketing gear

Everyone likes a good laugh so look for some gear like mugs or t-shirts that make light of the marketing life. Not only will it brighten up your recipient’s holiday, but it will also continue to bring laughs to others for years to come.

marketing diva mug
Source: Cafepress

Happy holidays to you and the marketers in your life!

The holidays are a time of fun get-togethers, delicious food, and gift-giving. But sometimes finding the perfect gift for someone on your list can be a challenge. Well, not if that person is a marketer.

Now you have a list of ideas from which to pull or get inspiration. Hopefully, you find the perfect gift for your marketer that will make them laugh, help them relax, or assist them in their daily work life.

Let us know how it goes in the comments below!

Happy holiday season!



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