According to Business Insider, Instagram’s Explore page feature attracts 200 million users every single day. But how do you get on the Explore page? Instagram keeps its algorithm a secret. It says only that the personalized recommendations depend on how users interact with content. So, how can you use Instagram’s own algorithm to beat the system and consistently make it to the Explore page? Keep reading to find out.


1. Get To Know Your Audience

If you have been in your line of business for a while, you may have already worked out who your ideal customers are. Instagram may still give you a run for your money. Here’s why. Different social media platforms attract different demographics.

The people interacting with your brand on Instagram, and who you want to attract, may not be the usual people walking through the door of your coffee shop on a Monday morning. Get to know your Instagram audience. The Instagram Insights page can provide demographic data that includes top locations, age, gender and when users are most active.


2. Interact With Your Instagram Followers

Whatever your niche — or your customer’s niche — seek them out and interact. Starting with hashtags is a great choice. Ironically, the Explore page itself may also help to connect you with customers who share similar interests to that of your company or brand.

You should also harness the power of your own posts to boost interactions by using the following tips:

  • Post at busy times
  • Ask users to share content
  • Respond to all your comments, even if it’s just to like the comment
  • Encourage comments via catchy captions with CTAs or that ask a question


3. Use Hashtags and Locations Tags

The most common advice social media gurus give is to hop on popular hashtags to attract attention and get discovered. Well, here’s something a little different. While it is important to use some popular hashtags, the less popular ones may be even more important. Why is this? Find the most popular hashtag for your industry and take a look. Posts pour in every few seconds from all around the world. No one has time to keep up with all of these, so brands get lost in the noise.

Instead, find more unique hashtags that target specific niches, so you can carve out your own corner of Instagram. This helps to build a following based on loyalty rather than just numbers. As a heads-up, Forbes notes hashtags and trending posts help Instagram to discover a user’s personal interests and drive the Explore page.


4. Attract Social Media Influencers and Big Brands

In website-SEO, links from authority websites count as a vote of confidence in Google’s algorithm. Instagram operates on a similar principle, except the vote of confidence comes from brands that have large followings and high rates of engagement. But how do you attract them?

Follow them and introduce yourself in a non-spammy way via DM. Once you have built an initial relationship, you can then propose a partnership with popular social media influencers to make them a temporary or ongoing brand ambassador. Send them some of your products or let them try your services and then share content about it on their page and tag you.

After you put in the work, the trick is knowing when you get on someone’s personalized Instagram Explore Page. You won’t receive a notification from Instagram, but you should begin to see your notifications triple.

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