Google My Business App [Infographic]
Google My Business App [Infographic]

Meet the Google My Business App!

Available now on Android and iPhone, the Google My Business App helps you manage your business while on the go!  See all your Google + Pages listed in one, simple-to-use application.  Freely edit your business info on Google.  Update your business phone number, address, or hours from the Google My Business App.  Share updates with your customers and view important metrics through your Google Insights tab.

Use the Google My Business App to check in and see how your recent posts are performing.  Learn how to manage your business on your time, from any location.  Share photos directly from your Smartphone or tablet.

Google My Business CTAManage your online reputation, and stay on top of your most recent reviews. With this new app you can see recent reviews of your business and respond to them as the owner.  Track your ratings over time directly from your phone.

Get to know your customers better by learning what does and doesn’t work for them.  Stay on top of Google Insights to understand any influx in number of views, clicks, or number of people searching for driving directions to your business.

Learn the basics about Google My Business here, from our recent blog or download this Complete Guide to Google My Business.  It’s free!



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