Way back in 2011, Google created Google+ to compete with other popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Since that time, Google+ didn’t quite expand or become the social networking site that Google wanted it to be. A lot of recent changes to Google+ have prompted many to wonder if Google+ is dying or has already died.

In this post, I will outline that, although Google+ hasn’t evolved in the way Google thought it would, it still has a future.

Number of Users

Active Users Across Social Networking Sites

Facebook: 1.5 billion active users
Google+: 500 million active users
Instagram: 400 million active users
Twitter: 300 million active users
Skype: 300 million active users
Pinterest: 100 million active users
LinkedIn: 100 million active users

So where does a “dying” social network like Google+ fall? Google last released customer interaction numbers in 2013, and at the time, Google+ had over 500 million active users.

Isn’t that funny that out of all the big-name social networks like Twitter and Instagram, Google + comes in second only to Facebook, in terms of active users. The +1 feature in Google+ is used over 5 billion times a day.


Recent Changes

Google has made lots of changes to Google+ to try and make it more social, including the removal of visible reviews on Google+ business pages.

In March 2016, Google hired Chris Poole, the founder of 4chan. The idea behind this hire was to increase interaction and communication on the social networking website.

Google also recently announced that they would separate the “Photos” and “Streams” sections of Google+ into their own platforms.


Where Does This Leave Google+?

In August 2015, Google held a forum of sorts to announce the creation of Alphabet (the new parent company of Google). During the announcement, hundreds of people asked questions, and Google’s founder, Larry Page, responded to one about Google+. When asked about the future of Google+, Page said, “Yes, we still love g+!”

From my viewpoint, Google+ has a lot of active users, support from the top to see it succeed, and some need for refinement.


Can Google+ Help Small Business Owners?

Google + is a great opportunity for small businesses due to several factors I already mentioned.

1. The user base is huge.

Google has hundreds of millions of unique visitors each month. 500 million active Google+ users is a relatively small number compared to Google’s overall user base. The potential for more users to use or at least view information from Google+ is enormous.

Make sure you take advantage of the huge user base and set up a Google+ company profile. In the age of social media, you can only benefit from one more place to interact and touch base with your clients, especially when that user base is one step closer to Google.

2. It receives support from Google executives.

Even if people think Google+ is dying, Google executives certainly don’t think so. If I were a betting man with a small business, I would not bet against the largest search engine in the world.

Google knows social media is huge, and they have billions of searches and data points to refine their end social media product. Google+ needs continued refinement, but it is receiving the attention it needs to eventually become a bigger player in the social media world. Also, don’t forget that Google+ has more active users than Twitter and Instagram.


As a small business owner, you want to do everything possible to succeed. Social media is an increasingly important avenue on the pathway to success. You need to show up in search engines like Google to stay afloat and expand your business. Google has a social media platform in Google+.

The connection is pretty simple. Why not use Google+?