Having a website for a business does not automatically mean the business will come flowing in. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, takes a lot of time and effort to fully see results on your website. As hard as it is to wait to see the best results, we promise it’s worth it in the long run.

SEO is known to help improve businesses online presence and visibility as well as attract new customers. It’s what helps give search engines a way to rank websites. Having a higher ranking gives your website more of an opportunity to gain customers by viewing your products and services. This in return can help your business’ ROI and meet your needs.

While your business and your competitors want that higher ranking as soon as possible, it takes time to gain a higher ranking. SEO has multiple steps and parts that need to work together to become successful for users. This article will dive into what your business should look for when utilizing successful ROI in SEO.


Goals and Expectations

The best way for businesses to measure their success with SEO is through managing and setting reasonable and realistic goals and expectations. What goals are you wanting to set or achieve through SEO? Do you want your business to increase traffic? Rank higher? Or do you want to increase your store’s attendance? SEO has many layers to it and having an idea or direction to start with helps improve your SEO.

SEO should be the core of your business’s digital marketing strategy. When your business invests in SEO, ROI won’t be as immediate as most businesses would like it to be. SEO is a process that builds over time to improve your website’s online visibility. Your investment in SEO will end up bringing in new customers and revenue to help grow your business. SEO even saves your business money rather than investing money into ads that are active for a short amount of time. 

When individuals search for something they need, most of the time they end up searching on Google. When they search for something, most individuals don’t search for a specific product or service. They use keywords that can broaden their view to a variety of options. When your business shows up at the top of rankings, both search engines and customers know they can trust your website as credible and trustworthy information. The process of SEO helps Google recognize a website as a valuable answer and moves it higher in the rankings.

Oftentimes it can take around 6 months for a website to reach the first page of search rankings. When you rank on the first page, your site will start to see more customers. Customers then move to filling out forms, calling about your services, visiting your business in person, or learn more about what you can offer them. This traffic all results in more customers and revenue for your business to grow. SEO rankings can be the difference between your business and your competitors. Simply put, good SEO yields results for a business with more leads, customers, and growth.


Key Factors

Besides more traffic and business in the door, there are certain key things to stay on the lookout to make sure you’re getting the results you expect from an SEO campaign.


Looking into your analytics helps to better understand your audience and how well your website performs. This is one of the best ways to see progress in real time and make sure you’re getting the return on investment you’re looking for.  

Keyword Rankings

Keyword rankings are one of the most pivotal things you want to focus on within your SEO strategy. These are the words or phrases individuals type into their search engine to answer their questions. Keywords help to gain visibility and traffic to your website.

Local Map Rankings & Impressions

Local SEO helps your business become discovered within your community. Features such as the maps action of a results page is one of the most popular local SEO features. This feature alone can help your business be discovered by potential customers.

Audiences on Multiple Platforms

Good SEO also helps your website show up in multiple places like business listings and blogs. This helps boost your site’s authority with Google because it means its algorithm deems the website as more reputable, and will rank it higher.


Showing ROI means you’re thinking like a business owner and not a marketer. Business owners want to make sure every dollar they spend makes a difference, and that it’s going to help the business in the long run. The success of SEO can be hard to measure because it’s measured in metrics. But the ROI of SEO means you’ll see more leads, more calls, and more revenue.

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Sara Beth (or SB for short), is the former Senior Manager of Partner Marketing at Boostability. A graduate of Utah Valley University, SB studied writing and stage management as part of her B.A.—skills she used every day to help Boostability partners increase their revenue and execute on results-driven SEO strategies. Specializing in SEO content creation and management, SB also brings 15+ years of event coordination to the table. In her free time, Sara Beth is an avid reader, board gamer, Dolly Parton lover, and coffee enthusiast.