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What is a Preferred URL?

URL stands for Universal Resource Locator, which is just a fancy name for an address. But a URL is more than an address; it is

Building a Strong Foundation with Keyword Research

When starting an SEO campaign, there are a lot of important steps to take. One of the most important of these steps is finding the

Keywords and Their Density in Site Content

You may have heard the adage floating around the SEO world that content is king. Well, the saying stands to reason. With all of the

Tips for Speeding Up Website Load Times

With over 200 signals in Google’s algorithm that help to rank and deliver search results, it is easy for a website owner to focus on

3 Ways Google’s “Penguin Update” Can Affect Your Website’s Rankings – And How to Stay on Top

Google’s spammy-link penalizing update, Penguin, has received several updates since its initial release in 2012. Most recently, Penguin was updated to version 3.0 in October

Life after Panda and Penguin algorithm updates

Life After Panda and Penguin: Top-Ranking Factors

The year 2012 won’t soon be forgotten by the SEO industry.  This was the year Google took a solid stance against web spam and low

Google is Schemaing! HTML Markup

Click Here to View an Updated Version of This Popular Blog Google is Schemaing! is aggregation of  html markup to help improve search results

How does online marketing differ from traditional marketing?

Online marketing is becoming a necessity if you hope to keep up in the business world today. Listed below are four reasons why online marketing

SEO Roadmaps: How planning your marketing strategy early can help your business grow

SEO Roadmaps: How planning your marketing strategy early can help your business grow

Planning in advance can help you avoid trouble later. Before navigation systems became a common item in vehicles, the typical family had to follow a

5 Essential SEO Website Updates for 2012

5 Essential SEO Website Updates for 2012

It is a new year, and it is time to take a look at your website, set some goals, and make some changes and updates.

SEO for Bing!

Google vs. Bing The search results for Google and Bing differ, but not by much. (This is easily viewed with a great little program called

The Influence of Video Online

The Influence of Video Online

As the end of another year passes, it’s fun to reflect and look back on all of the accomplishments and downfalls from the past year.

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